At&t over 80 billion acquisition of Time Warner, the world’s largest M & A Case-nibbuns

AT& T more than 80 billion acquisition of Time Warner merger in the world’s largest adult U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of Time Warner CEO Jeffrey Bewkes Sina stocks news Beijing time 23 "Wall Street daily" quoted anonymous sources said, AT& Att Corporation; T (American Telephone & Telegraph) reached to more than $80 billion acquisition of Time Warner deal. The transaction or become the world’s largest amount of mergers and acquisitions. Reported that the board of directors of the two companies held a meeting on Saturday, is likely to announce the deal on Saturday evening. Transaction price of $105 per share to $110, the transaction structure of half of the cash, half of the stock. Time Warner owns TNT, TBS, CNN, HBO and other television networks, as well as Warner Brothers movie and television studio. If the AT& T; the acquisition of Time Warner, then this will be since 2011, Kang Custer (64.06, -0.29, -0.45%) acquisition of NBC global, between content and distribution channels, the largest one in marriage, and the combined company will also become an important competitor of Custer kang. Transaction value also means that this will become the largest media company mergers and acquisitions in recent years. Sources said, AT& T CEO Randall Stephenson (Randall Stephenson) and CEO Time Warner Geoff Backes (Jeff Bewkes) in recent weeks held a meeting, and provide support for the internal team. In addition, the entertainment industry veteran Pete Chernin (Peter Chernin) is AT& T; an informal adviser to the talks in. Chernin and AT& T co founded an online video company. AT& T was proposed in 2011 to acquire T-Mobile, but was rejected by regulators. Subsequently, AT& T began to focus on the video business. Last year, AT& T had nearly $50 billion purchase price of DirecTV, thus becoming the largest pay TV company. Editor: handsome can Cong相关的主题文章: