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"Autumn melon bad belly" is true? Sohu – health as the saying goes "autumn melon bad belly" refers to after the beginning of autumn whether muskmelon, watermelon or melon can not eat, otherwise it will damage the spleen yang. Originally, the summer is likely to cause human blood loss, after Chushu human immunity and resistance will decline, discharge capacity will decline, leading to metabolic waste increased significantly in the body, if not pay attention to maintenance, prone to diarrhea. Watermelon is a cold fruit. After the beginning of autumn, the human body Yang gradually decreased to convergence, gastrointestinal cold food adaptability, so to eat some warm food, the spleen and stomach, so that the body of nondestructive Yang, the winter is not prone to colds, diarrhea or cold hands and feet etc.. This is the Chinese say "autumn". Autumn is a solar term, but also to the fall of the mark, people should conform to the nature of the Yang closed. If you eat the watermelon, the body stress response, you have to do to fight cold and Yang, Yang took, so prone to diarrhea and other symptoms. After the beginning of autumn, health to the anti Qiuzao, to eat some apples, pears, grapes and other fruit nourishing yin and moistening dryness. The two Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, deputy director of the physician Xie Qingbin adapted from the network recommended articles: learning time: there are many places that should pay attention to water treatment! Rose: knowledge of fruit ripening will lead to children precocious puberty? Season Vegetable & Fruit did not dare to eat? Experts teach you to eat this kind of fruit to eat "physical" eat right will hurt"相关的主题文章: