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Bank dominance pattern is changing the proportion of direct financing in Shandong has doubled the editor’s note: in China, if you do not know the structural reform of the supply side of the term, it really OUT. Economic growth from investment, consumption, exports, three carriages pull, switch to supply and demand at both ends of the force, the supply side structural reform has become China’s economy in the field of high frequency words. In May this year, Shandong introduced the opinions on promoting the implementation of structural reforms in the supply side, the introduction of 40 policies, the deployment of 27 key tasks, the full implementation of the "one to one down and one supplement" five tasks. The supply side structural reforms, Shandong is not only the "13th Five-Year" development of the main line and realize the transformation and development of breakthrough, but also related to our work and life aspects. In September 14th, the supply side of Shandong policy — the twelfth China network media Shandong line will depart, from the national network media, the client, the public number, Internet celebrity, theory experts will gather in Shandong, the new practice focused on Shandong and the supply side structural reform, new results. Today, the network launched the supply side and Shandong policy series of reviews, respectively, from the five tasks to see Shandong’s new policies, new strategies, new results, new experience. The supply side, Shandong policy review of the series of bank dominance pattern is variable in Shandong has doubled the proportion of direct financing of public network reporter Li Zhaohui Weihai Hengrui new packaging materials Co., Ltd., is a company engaged in medical equipment sterilization packaging enterprises, 2014 debt rate as high as 75%. The management of the company is aware that the leverage bubble type development will be the enterprise into a dead end, eventually becoming the bank’s "migrant workers", they determined the introduction of angel fund, increase the registered capital and capital reserve. 2015, the company’s total assets increased to 24 million 259 thousand and 300 yuan, asset liability ratio fell to $56.08%, the main business income of more than $23 million 326 thousand and 100 in 2014 increased by more than 200 yuan, is expected in 2016 can be increased by $about 10000000. Weihai Hengrui new packaging materials Co. Ltd. is a microcosm of Shandong to leverage. As the national situation, the banking industry alone, indirect financing of enterprises in Shandong still accounted for more than 70%, resulting in enterprise financing expensive financing, which led to the high debt ratio of enterprises, but also the financial risk to the banking industry focus. With the deepening of financial reform, the contradiction of Shandong financing leverage is easing. 2015, Shandong bank loans fell by 13.9 percentage points compared with 2012. On the contrary, the proportion of direct financing increased from 10.8% in 2013 to $26% in 2015. Small and micro businesses credit bonds set to allow enterprises to "live" is located in Shandong Wendeng Shandong crown Pipe Industry Co. Ltd., is a production of glass fiber reinforced plastic technology enterprises alloy composite pipe. 2014, the company developed a high-tech products – Marine flexible tube, but because of financial constraints, the project has not landed. This kind of problem, not only in Wendeng, a small and micro enterprises will encounter. Wendeng District Finance Bureau of government investment and financing management center chief Zhang Xinhong introduction, Wendeng.相关的主题文章: