Beijing red camp 50 thousand live in January with a nanny Villa

Beijing red net training camp for 50 thousand January villa with nanny Xing Li early in the bathroom, wash hair. The night before she was a little late into the night, popularity is not bad, there are twenty thousand or thirty thousand people at the same time watching her live online. 3 months ago, 5 20 year old girl was admitted to the selection in January 50 thousand yuan rented villa, they signed up with the company, everyone in the room is their work live every day, according to the provisions in the relevant platform live 2 to 6 hours, a monthly income of 100 thousand. Vision China (from: Tencent pictures) is located in Chaoyang, Beijing, a villa area, not live, Xing Li will go shopping to buy clothes, the clothes are required to prepare themselves during the live. The 5 girls, after layers of screening. Live like a manager, mining culture female anchor on the Internet, and observed for 3 months or even longer, in order to study the live attraction, the number of fans and users adhesion. (from Tencent pictures) Xing Li is ready to change his style, deliberately went to Sanlitun Manicure shop. Live in the house of Chen Mengying, Zhao Junwei and Xing Li are 20 years old, but they have not much difference between age, their position in the noble, charming, intellectual style. (Xing Li): in the room, she picks out the clothes that she wants to wear that day. Jasmine, who is in the house, stands at the door. (Tencent pictures) network red factory staff in finishing the online anchor personal data. Since the beginning of this year to carry out the anchor business, now online and offline anchor has reached more than and 300 people. The factory boss has hundreds of Taobao business model, he is very confident of their eyesight. "Live it, not just a pretty face, must have its own personality and temperament, the audience is willing to buy it." (from Tencent pictures) the designer is taking pictures for Chen Mengying. Her schedule is very full, in addition to the necessary daily live, she also completed the company’s fashion magazine. 26 year old Chen Mengying before graduating from college, there is a live experience, she took a live broadcast of the accumulated millions of fans came to Beijing. In the villa, she lived on top of a sunny room, single room is included in the independent toilet, area is larger than other girls living in the house. (photo: Tencent) fashion magazine shooting scene, the assistant is replacing the high-heeled shoes for Chen Mengying. After the company was found to have training potential, the girls signed brokerage contracts, stay in the villa, the collective training. Each room, equipped with a dedicated mobile phone, computer live. Every day there are aunts in the villa for their cooking, finishing the room, the anchor who have to care about only one thing: how to do live. (photo from Tencent) Chen Mengying takes pictures of fashion magazines in the studio. In addition to the daily live, the girls also have a number of Mandarin, physique, yoga dance training, and participate in their style and clothing to create a mix. "Each girl has a different style, and there should be differences in the style of dressing. Chen Mengying is to take the business intelligence wind, Zhao Junwei is adorable MOE, should be differentiated competition." Responsible for the girls to participate in the activities of the staff to explain the line. (from Tencent pictures) "live factory" staff will form a WeChat group to.相关的主题文章: