Bijia reminder Europa 32 strong promotion Henk nearly 3 unbeaten League mia farrow

Bijia reminder: Europa 32 strong League promotion Henk nearly 3 unbeaten [] than football single field prediction: Ostend VS Henk 2016-11-27 21:30 game time: Sunday Venue: analysis of Albert Park hunt ball: Ostend: Ostend new season strong performance, they are currently in the league than the strongest attack team, the main striker Musona has contributed 7 goals, is located in the forefront of Bijia shooter. Dimata scored 4 goals, defender Milko and midfielder beryll have scored 3 goals, attack a galaxy of talents in Ostend. Ostend in the last round of home court in 5:0 trouncing of Bijia League West Lou, Millie Come opened two degrees, moussonne and Dimata each scored, midfielder card Xin on ninetieth minutes when the icing on the cake. Ostend after this war with their 28 8 wins 4 flat 3 negative results ranked in the standings than second, will County lost 5 League since October, their strong momentum gained 6 places. At present, the Ostend camp, midfielder vandry has accumulated 4 yellow cards Siche, while defender, midfielder miljko jukko Heller and Marusic and defender Tomasevic were to eat the 3 yellow card. Ostend in the home court record after the onset of Ghent, even though they remain unbeaten and win over Bruges and Ghent, be too numerous to enumerate successful cases big win over standard liege. Ostend in the last round of victory over West Lou, they get rid of the 3 consecutive home game to lose the ball, so as to achieve zero opponents, it should be said that in the defense of their own efforts. This will be against the strength of Henk, from the position data given on the present, although Ostend is flat plate opened, but the plate water level is too high, not to intervene. The highest expectation is to get a draw. Henk Henk: in the past the arena of Europa to a 1:0 win over Vienna, shortly after the opening Baileyi assists for Carlely J scored a game victory. Thus Henk successfully promoted to the Europa 32 games. Henk in the last round of League home court Bijia 2:0 to beat Auburn, or from Baileyi assists, Pozuelo midfielder scored a goal, will easily beat auburn. Following the victory over West Lou, Henk realized more than three games unbeaten. Henk is currently 24 points to 7 wins, 3 draws and 5 defeats in the top eighth, and top six Andre Hurt are 1 league goal of the season, they were to get into the playoff Title than. The Henk squad are high scorer, Greek striker Carlely J has contributed to the team in the 8 league goals in the Belgian top scorer in the third, Baileyi, Buffel, Pozuelo and samata are Henk in the offensive end favorable fulcrum. Henk in the new season 0-2 away record is not ideal, only at the beginning of the season beat lokeren, in Standard Liege, Kortrijk and Charleroi’s home court have to battle, the most wins相关的主题文章: