Brokerage raised 8 shares earnings more than doubled the most cattle raised by the rate of 900% (tab

The brokerage raised 8 shares earnings more than doubled the increase rate of 900% cows (table) since the September restructuring of nearly 200 companies earnings forecast value with officially ending the semi annual disclosure of listed companies also entered a relatively "window period". However, according to a variety of securities companies have listed companies and information industry trends, etc., to make corrections on the earnings forecast of Listed Companies in 2016. According flush (300033, shares) iFinD statistics show that in September there are comparable data on listed companies, since 2016 profit forecast has nearly 200 listed companies are taking researcher at the brokerage research has been adjusted. Among them, 60 companies were raised by more than 10%. Among them, the net profit forecast value of the largest increase is the King Hing Paper (002067). Shen Wanhongyuan (000166) net profit forecast in 2016 the company researcher Zhou Haichen in a research report released in May 4th this year, the forecast value is only 21 million 879 thousand yuan, while in September 6th research report released, the Jingxing net profit margin increased to 218 million 790 thousand and 200 yuan, increased by up to 900%. Zhou Haichen in the research report pointed out that in 2016 on the papermaking industry in the first half of the steady rise, the product volume and price, reflected in the income of the second quarter of 2016, the focus of the company can be increased by 15.7% than the caliber revenue (vs15 in 2.3%, 16Q19.1%). In the context of the price of paper products, dealers began to fill the inventory, leading companies began to effectively digest inventory, inventory decline, cash flow indicators and balance sheet began to improve. From the point of view of net profit growth, a number of high growth companies, such as King Hing Paper (a substantial increase in investment income). Industrial and mining (000426) (000426) forecast 2016 net profit value increased by more than 500% degrees respectively. XinDa Securities researcher Fan Haibo published in September 7th entitled "industrial mining: zinc prices pulled performance, expect profit thickening" assets into a research report, the forecast value is set at 105 million yuan of the company’s net profit in 2016. In April 28th, its forecast value was 13 million 700 thousand yuan, according to this calculation, the mining industry in 2016 net profit forecast value increased by 667.74%. Fan Haibo pointed out that the silver mining diffuse industrial mining acquisitions, with the Baiyinchagan Dongshan mining area, Zhengxiangbaiqi Donghu mining area, the project surrounding traffic, electric power facilities, adequate supply of raw materials, resource reserves objective, with large scale and strong profitability, is expected to put into operation in early 2017. While the counterparty commitments, mining assets 2017 annual net profit of not less than 391 million yuan, 2017 and 2018 annual cumulative net profit of not less than 887 million yuan, 2017 year, 2018 year and 2019 year cumulative net profit of not less than 1 billion 380 million yuan, industrial and mining security future profit thickening. In addition, Baoshuo shares (600155), Yanggu (300121), Huatai shares of the new building (002480), coal (601898), kingsun;相关的主题文章: