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By pushing the "rivers" accurate driver training system – Sohu Technology (class diagram pieces) Sept. 7, Didi travel today officially launched code named "rivers" of precision driver training system. In the future, the taxi drops on the platform, express car, chauffeur driver can end in APP bit classroom, online learning skills, orders and service safety rules, penalties and other content, and passed the examination to improve its service level. It is worth mentioning that the drops will be "rivers" and the driver’s registration, service credit system (service), safe driving habits and combined punishment. The newly registered drivers, old drivers, punished drivers are required to complete the appropriate courses to "drive" orders. A good driver will be able to get a higher service score and a higher income. There are 68 security course is a compulsory course early during the test run, "rivers" platform launched 68 door relates to different business courses, has more than 30 million registered drivers in the course of study, "rivers" on the platform to complete the examination. "Rivers" on the platform of course forms, H5, PPT and so on, "a short video. In order to continue to give the majority of drivers provide new courses, internal pieces to set up a "rivers" production team curriculum and examination questions, regularly updated content. In the curriculum content settings, especially pay attention to the safety of the content. It is understood that the number protection, emergency help, safe driving and other security system content will become a platform for the driver of the required courses. Drivers will be able to fully understand the safety system and related functions through these courses, and pass the exam familiar with many safe driving skills. Taking "safe driving" function as an example. All the pieces on the platform, express bus, taxi, the driver, in the future to online learning related knowledge of safe driving, fatigue driving, speeding risk understanding, rapid acceleration, sharp turns, the brakes five acts, and complete the online exam, with drops of "safe driving" function. At the same time, "rivers" will also depth and safe driving function combination. Who is "safe driving" to monitor the driving habits, often have the brakes and swerve, speeding may lead to dangerous driving behavior of driver, will be forced to "refresher studies", must be completed in the course of study for safety, through online examination in order to continue the orders. In the future, precise push and registration services linked to the course content, "rivers" will also work with the driver’s registration service, credit system (service), combined punishment. The new platform registered driver to complete the required courses after the examination, the corresponding learning can "drive" orders. Old drivers to complete the appropriate course of study can improve their service points, and then get a higher income. In violation of rules punished platform driver must complete the corresponding courses, after examination by the "dispatch" orders to continue. Every travel side said that the future will be based on the platform of "rivers" daily number of orders, the driver’s service level, the rate of received data, for each driver accurately push personalized curriculum the most suitable, help each driver better.相关的主题文章: