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Cai Yingwen called "long as 2" users will fail to succeed: – Beijing long as 2 the pilot, Cai Yingwen stressed that "to succeed, not to fail". The picture shows the Kaohsiung city located in the center of Datong primary school to take care of, care staff do stretching in to help the elderly. (picture taken from Taiwan’s "United Daily News") Chinese Taiwan news network November 1st Taiwan’s "Executive Yuan" officially launched 1 pilot "long as 2" policy, Cai Yingwen presided over the evening of 31 "the ruling decision-making coordination meeting, invited DPP mayors to communicate, stressed that" only succeed, not fail". In this regard, there are friends said, will not fail". According to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that 31 of the "ruling decision coordination meeting, Cai Yingwen stressed that" long as 2 "is an important policy of the five social stability in the plan, please" Executive Yuan "," Legislative Yuan "and ruling counties to devote to succeed, not to fail."". Cai Yingwen reminded, effective and the cultivation of the overall quality of the success or failure of the policy is that human resource, salary structure and personnel education facilities must be prepared, especially in a new public services grow, should not let fall into the low wage service. For the long 2 10 year plan, Executive Yuan Lin also stressed that the long Zhao, according to the impetus to prepare, do not have to be 10 years, as long as doing well, you can implement the early implementation of the. Cai Yingwen, a spokesman for the office of a heavy yellow said, "as long as 2" policy will pilot in the counties and cities, especially in the meeting yesterday to promote the follow-up policy planning and preparation, to discuss the exchange; the DPP thirteen ruling counties, in addition to Kaohsiung Taoyuan mayor Chen Ju, mayor Zheng Wencan and Keelung mayor Lin Youchang to leave, the rest all together. Cai Yingwen said that Taiwan will face a super aged society, very urgent, to prepare for the time is not long, starting at 2 "policy is to build a high-quality and cheap, the popularity of the long-term care service system, in order to reduce the family burden, improve the life quality of the elderly, the implementation of maintenance and aging in place in the ground. Cai pointed out that in view of the "long 2" is the new policy indicators of the authorities, and this policy to execute successfully, must by the Taiwan authorities and counties together, so the DPP counties have the obligation to actively promote; invited the 13 ruling counties participating, hope for the running of the "long 2" policy. Provide feedback. Lin also explained that the next few years is the promotion period, eventually to reach the standard service popularization and service mode of standardized target; now stage is from each county started a pilot, and gradually put the service into the township. According to reports, during the meeting, the county mayor general concern as human resources, long space and flexible management problems in the implementation process. Cai Yingwen hope that the Executive Yuan as soon as possible to understand, give the county enough flexibility to allow the county to co-ordinate the use of both resources more efficient, but also to meet the actual needs of the long service to meet the local real. For Cai Yingwen’s long Zhao 2 policy, many users do not look good. Someone said "will fail not succeed", "" food "President and clappers")相关的主题文章: