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Volkswagen imported cars contrarian expansion accounted for 5% of market share – Auto

Volkswagen imported cars: contrarian expansion accounted for 5% of market share – Sohu in September 2nd the opening of the 2016 Chengdu auto show, Volkswagen imported new generation Tiguan debut in the Chinese market, is expected this year listed, for the mass import car lineup again to add new strength. At the same time, the import of public distribution network in China is also expanding. However, since last year, the domestic car market situation is not optimistic. At the end of June this year, the domestic sales of imported cars have been down for 18 months. China import auto market database released data show that in 2015, China’s automobile imports 1 million 67 thousand and 300, down 25%; the first half of this year, 479 thousand vehicles imported cars, imported cars fell 8.36%, total sales of 421 thousand vehicles, down 9.35%. Senior manager of automobile marketing department Wang Cunxiang "daily economic news" reporter said, this year, imported car market is still in decline, but the decline was narrowed, "is expected to decline in the number, volume remained at around 1 million vehicles". Wang Cun believes that the imported car market affected domestic models is very large, this year, domestic models less than last year, but "the localization has been a big trend, the future if more influence on domestic investment of imported cars, imported car market is likely to increase, this market is difficult to achieve rapid growth, the scale is in go down." In this case, the public imports remain optimistic. Although the company did not disclose specific figures, but Wang Cunxiang, the daily economic news reporter revealed that the performance of the imported public in the overall market is still pretty good, sales fell to single digits". VW general manager Shi Rui de told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, the public is expected to China imported car market size is 1 million units, in the import car market as a whole, public import car market share of 5%. This year, Volkswagen imported cars market share has increased over last year, so we hope to further enhance market share through more measures". In addition to the introduction of new cars, strengthen sales network layout is one of the measures to maintain growth. Shi Ruide to the daily economic news reporter, said, from the perspective of mass imports of cars, we have been hoping to maintain steady growth in the Chinese market. Up to now, we have 160 sales outlets in the country." In Chengdu, where the western market, for example, at present, Volkswagen imported cars in the western market a total of 30 sales outlets, which in Chengdu has a sales network of 4. According to its 2016 annual new dealer recruitment announcement, this year, Volkswagen (China) Sales Co., Ltd. Volkswagen brand also plans to recruit 13 dealers in the country’s 11 cities. In addition to providing convenient services, new product, improve the residual value of used cars have been imported into account in public. Shi Ruide said, in order to ensure the vehicle has higher value in the second-hand car trading, Volkswagen will launch vehicle maintenance and repair plan, "the residual value of the vehicle will carry out routine services than did the high rate of about 10%". Shi Ruide also watch相关的主题文章:

Ding Yanyu Airlines the palace has been criticized for not understanding the special guilt-running man 20130908

Ding Yanyu told the house air: the guidance of criticism now do not understand very guilty. Recently, CCTV5 "basketball park" column broadcast special programs, review the former men’s basketball coach Gong luming. This program reviews the experience of Chinese men’s basketball team in the Asian games. Which have high hopes for the thorn Ding Yanyu Gong Luming hang, Ding also reviewed his mentor to guide. Haigen day, from Shandong’s Ding Yanyu airlines, is also the most Luming training. Enhance the outwire score ability, become the most stable team outwire score, which is given the mission of Ding Yanyu Gong Luming airlines. The 1993 born physical outstanding striker, full of personality, is the name of the team against the tube tube, Gong Luming said that you should say, "we still think much of him, or we" play "what is he doing." Ding Yanyu said, "I was very angry with the palace guide." Gong Luming about Ding Yanyu hang, "we think of his condition, ability is good, and good physical quality." Ding Yanyu Airlines said, "I remember the most profound impression, there are bad habits in the club, including temper punch, then do not understand much of his criticism, then there is a drastic performance, including anger, throw clothes". When talking about "Gong Luming said most of his criticism, but also the opportunity to his most, from 2014 to now has been asked to start, he also stressed that dare to pull out a bit of stick." Ding Yanyu Airlines review said, "basically a house guide led training course is also not missed, wholeheartedly to take care of us, just feel very guilty. Now think back at that time, age is not small, do not understand, anyway, is very guilty. (Dong Dong)相关的主题文章:

At the Wuzhen guide robot lead investor Softbank reached AI, the seed round of this

At the Wuzhen guide robot lead investor Softbank reached AI, the seed round trend of sina technology venture projects such as Li Gen Huang Xiaoqing, science and technology since its inception in 2015, has attracted much attention, in addition to Huang Xiaoqing’s own national people plan the first distinguished experts, former U.S. UT Starcom CTO, China Mobile Research Institute and resume also, because in the seed round won $30 million investment from Softbank international, Foxconn, and Walden International Capital can triumph is a member of the list of shareholders of the. From the beginning of creation, as the technology has received favorable capital. On the other hand, Huang Xiaoqing in the United States and the two Chinese solicitation, including technical personnel Google, Samsung and HUAWEI, CISCO, China Mobile, IBM, SONY, millet and other companies, as the composition of the founding team. A year later, as you finally surrendered the first work – cloud guide robot META. For this robot and its ambition behind, META project product director Wang Bin in Wuzhen to explain a lot of sina technology. It is worth mentioning that, he also revealed to her views on artificial intelligence technology trends, and the future of the field of robotics in the pan, will enter the field of what? What are the specific products. Sina science and technology: what link will you attend in this world Internet congress mainly? What will be around to express their views? As the science and technology Wang Bin: we mainly do the exhibition, display and META robot. As the positioning technology is the cloud robot operation, we released the META guide robot, this is our first cloud robot. Sina Technology: cloud robot and other robots? The technology of Wang Bin: we believe that the future should be the cloud intelligent robot robot. For intelligent robots, the most important part is the brain. Therefore, to achieve a high degree of intelligence of the robot must rely on a powerful cloud of the brain, that is, the robot’s brain. However, the reality is: if you want to reach the manufacturing operation ability of human intelligence robot, the robot needs a brain volume equivalent to 1 million times the human robot, brain and body apparently so big simply can not match. It will explore a cognitive system in the cloud, through mobile body driving device and sensor connected component, the robot body, so that the smooth operation of cloud intelligent robot "as possible, as the real version of the" Afanda "cloud, big data and neural network can not only realize the information through mobile communication technology fast delivery, and the computing power can be shared to many robots. Our founder Huang Xiaoqing believes that this requires a construction of such cloud brain, neural network, terminal operators to connect the three, at present he founded, as science and technology are working hard to build a robot brain cloud system, the laying of a global interconnection neural network Skynet, lay a good foundation for cloud intelligent robot operation. "Skynet" must be out.相关的主题文章:

American fast food is one of the three major brands ” Santos ” enter the food market and Chi-winbook

American fast food is one of the three major brands " Santos " enter the food market Chinese – Sohu and Santos (Rossi’s Diner) hamburger fast food brand in 1983 by Steven Dos (Steven Patrick Rossi) Rdigewood Nandaituona was founded in Florida in the United states. Founder Steven Dos is known as the father of COD burger, the American hamburger expert title. PRFP international group was founded in 1993, 2013 China entered the market, the establishment of Sino US joint venture – Santos (Beijing) catering management limited formal joint venture Santos (Beijing) International Catering Management Limited, responsible for the fast food burger Santos direct and joined the business. Santos success in three major brands of American fast food in 1983, a fast-food restaurant Nandaituona beach Santos in Florida in the United States opened its unique, delicious and nutritious deep-sea cod fish and chips and hamburgers quickly detonated local, and attracted tourists from around the world to taste, word of mouth, to emulate. On 1993, Santos fast-food after ten years of accumulation and development, from 80 years ago only a fast-food restaurant developed into a set of management, food product development and production, marketing, logistics and distribution, commercial areas, financial services, large-scale comprehensive group American International Group PRFP, and the formation of international business part of success in the United States one of the three major brands of fast food. The key to enter the Chinese Santos catering market in 2012, PRFP International Food Group’s strategic focus to Asia and especially the key to enter the China catering market. In 2013, after years of Chinese Market Research and study, choose to cooperate with Santos catering management limited partners in many intentions. .2013 and Santos (Beijing) catering management limited formal joint venture Santos (Beijing) International Catering Management Co., Ltd., as Rossi ‘s Diner (Santos) and direct franchise business in greater china. Santos joined together to create a new legend Chinese catering market, 1 authentic American fast-food burgers, brand history for 33 years. Founded in 1983, Santos (Rossi’s Diner) after 30 years of development, has now become the thousands of chain restaurants, research and development and production of food products, marketing, logistics and distribution, commercial real estate, financial services, large-scale comprehensive group, PRFP International Group, success in one of the three big American fast-food brand. 2, the founder was the father of deep-sea cod title in 1982, 19 year old Stephen Dos (Steven Patrick Rossi) when dropout travels for business projects, inadvertently saved an old Viking descendants in the Canadian shore woods, the Vikings in order to repay him, but he did not give bread fried cod fish. Cod collocation chips, will also for thousands of years, not out of the secret to teach him. Thus, the history of pedicle.相关的主题文章:

This may be the most wanted gift for the elderly, not necessarily the most advanced but warmer –

This may be the most wanted gift for the elderly, not necessarily the most advanced but warmer – as a child of the remarried family, I have already taken my stepfather as my own father. He used to play on their own integrity, and I love early won my heart. From small to large, in my mind, my father is a man who can write equal to anything, the calligraphy erhu, Wu Nengxiu electric brick wall, there seems to be no what can challenge him. Until now, the old man to help me with a child of the age of one, I found that once the thought agile, quick action of the father, after all, what was taken away by the years. Such as the use of mobile phone, every person he needs you to help a deposit into the mobile phone; the phone, you need to close the ears will be loud; see mobile phone news point into advertising, do not know how to exit the advertising news; every time I see the words on the screen are squinting, with glasses. Teach him all sorts of steps, and there will be another point with a mobile phone that feel shy steps I forgot, tell me once again. Such a scene staged again and again, I would like to have a more suitable for the elderly mobile phone? This got 21 grams old machine M3L ecological chain millet, hope that this experience can tell you the answer. The elderly have higher yen value because the mobile phone you can’t wait to open the dad, here is a simple fill out of the box, millet 5 before partial kraft paper style. Millet ecological chain produced. Open the package, on the family portrait. Outside the mobile phone body, charger data cable, manual, is intimate with a transparent water set. From the point of view of appearance, no one thinks it is an old man machine. I get this rich golden M3L more fashion color. 2.5D screen, round chamfer design. M3L can be seen in the shape of a little millet 2S and Charm Blue shadow. Resolution of 720P, with 5 inches screen, PPI reached 300, and will not feel the screen is not enough. Look at the lock screen, is not familiar to see what things? The front panel is very simple. The most striking is the square home key. Click to return, long press back to the home page, moderate feedback, slightly hard. In my opinion, the home key is not a small gap in the interactivity and Charm Blue mBack key set. But, dad said to him, this button is very simple, as long as it can always return to the home page, so always to remember were key complex gestures. Young people and old people in the focus on the differences, can be seen. Colorful back shell. I can’t help but praise this fashion design. In addition to providing official gold, and blue powder color options, even young people take out it will not feel awkward. The back of the 8 million pixel camera, whether it is the actual use of the effect of the parameters, and the mainstream brand of thousands of machines still have a certain gap. Of course, this camera for the basic only to shoot grandchildren’s father, is enough. Let me feel a little pity that the M3L speaker is set up相关的主题文章: