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Advertising NSP rotary kiln production lines and suspension preheater kiln is the decomposition of technology at the core, modern technology will be widely used in the production of cement production in the whole process of the production process does not require increased coal consumption and back-burning boilers, not to increase dust, waste, gas, sulphur dioxide emissions, and equipment pure low-temperature waste heat power generation system, so that cement production with a highly efficient, high quality, low power consumption, environmental requirements, saving energy, reducing costs. Rational use of energy. NSP rotary kiln production process is the core of clinker calcined system, it is a dual series of low pressure loss of five cyclone preheater, calciner band composed of new dry process kiln, the back-end production line preheater emissions as a raw material grinding heat of the dryer, use the exhaust cooling machine as pulverized coal drying heat of the coal, and use of controlled-flow thermal efficiency can be as high as more than 75 percent of the cooling machine, effective recovery of heat from the furnace clinker and greatly improve secondary air and tertiary air temperature. Low power. NSP rotary kiln production process, limestone crusher single paragraph hammer crusher, low power consumption unit products, raw materials used roller grinding mill system, and disposal in the traditional system and the wind swept mill systems, Health units can be expected to conserve electricity 5-7 per ton, five cyclone preheater design technology using low pressure loss, resistance greatly reduced, with the traditional technology preheater compared preheater fan can reduce the power consumption 15 -20%. At the same time, pure low-temperature waste heat power generation system will be discharged by the clinker production line in the low-emission to recycling, greatly reducing the power consumption. Save water resources. The cement production equipment and steam turbine cycle cooling water used in all water systems, from circulating pump production equipment and the supply of turbine cooling water, the used water into the cooling tower after cooling inflow of cold water cycle, and then from cycle to cycle pumps pressurized use. In the winter when low temperatures could go beyond the backwater cycle cooling tower directly into the recycling pool. Cement production line in the entire water cycle rate of 95 per cent in the cogeneration system in the water cycle rate is as high as 98%. To prevent the deterioration of water quality of the circulatory system, the water cycle is also a static scale controller and take measures adjacent filter. rotary kiln: .www.hxjqchina.com/product-list_38.html stone crusher: .www.hxjqchina.com/product-list_11.html hammer crusher: .www.crusher-machine.com/3.html Cement production line: ..hxjq-crusher../62.html About the Author: 相关的主题文章: