Chery Jaguar XFL officially listed for sale 38.8-68.8 million – Sohu car footman

Chery Jaguar XFL officially listed for sale 38.8-68.8 million – Sohu automobile [Sohu car new]2016 August 29th evening, the new Jaguar XFL models made by Chery Jaguar officially listed. The new push 2.0T, 3.0T two displacement of 8 models available to consumers, the price range of 38.8-68.8 million (see table below). The new car is located in a large Taichung car, on the basis of the overseas version of the wheelbase of the 140mm extension. After the listing will compete with Mercedes Benz E class, BMW 5 series and Audi A6L and other luxury brands in large cars. Picture the scene. [] [Photo] price leadership at the press conference, Chery Jaguar Land Rover automobile Limited company president said Mr. Dai morine Comte marant before 2020, Chery, Jaguar Land Rover at least once a year to launch a new model to the domestic market Chinese. Combined with the time point of view, a total of 4 models will continue to meet with Chinese consumers. The new Chery Jaguar XFL. Earlier in the 2016 Beijing Auto Show debut formally, new car positioning in large cars, in the domestic and the wheelbase 140mm, body length and breadth were 50931880 1491mm, wheelbase 3100mm. Appearance style and imported Jaguar XF models are basically the same, the rear chrome strip across the trunk, into the tail lamp set with a LED type light source, while increasing the long axis shows its identity XFL logo. Interior design: the new car with a rich sense of science and technology, control of large size LCD with shift knob looks very stylish, and decorative wood panels embellishment to make the car look more prominent luxury atmosphere. Configuration, the new car rear configuration is very rich, including dual USB interface, rear entertainment system, rear Dual 8 inches screen, rear table board, seat massage, seat ventilation heating, boss keys, etc.. Power: Chery Jaguar XFL will be equipped with 2.0L turbocharged four cylinder engine or 3.0T supercharged V6 engine, which 2.0T engine depending on the adjustment to provide 200 horsepower and 240 horsepower two versions; and a supercharged 3.0T engine maximum power of 340 horsepower. Transmission, the engine will be matched with 8 speed automatic transmission. Editor’s note: with the progress of the localization process of Jaguar Land Rover, the launch of the Jaguar XFL has the potential to win the second tier luxury brand car market share in the product has a good share. And relative to the Department of BBA, Jaguar has become the mainstream of the road is still long, whether it is the brand influence or terminal layout has become an urgent need to solve the problem. However, with the launch of XFL, Jaguar seems to start looking for the way in China, but the face of fierce market competition, how to show how the market has yet to be tested.相关的主题文章: