Chevy Dealership, Addison Located, Pleased With Volt Crash Test

Automobiles Put safety and amazing economy together and what to you get? The Chevy Volt, which has earned good ratings in previous National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tests and now has repeated those results with the New Car Assessment Program tests, which have stricter standards. Your Chevy dealership, Addison located, is proud of the Volts five-star safety rating, the highest score possible from the NHTSA. General Motors is smiling as well, knowing that the abundance of air bags and the StabiliTrak electronic stability control system used in the Volt are doing their job. This means the Volt is the first electric car to earn five stars in this test. Of course, tests are still ongoing and the some EVs have yet to be tested, but its still a nice distinction to have, Chevy. West Chicago used auto customers who know Chevys reputation for quality wont be surprised. Motor Trend magazine named Chevy Volt the 2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year, which is no small title, but considering this is an electric car, its even more impressive. Of course, electric cars are being distributed slowly, as the capability to conveniently and efficiently charge them is developing slowly. Without a public grid of some kind and charging stations available outside the owners garages, the EVs are only practical for short .mutes or local driving. Thats rapidly changing, though, with auto makers getting more miles from a single charge with every new model. The race is one, so to speak, for the best distance on the smallest amount of electricity. Customers of the Chevy dealership in Addison will not only like the safety rating and economic operation of the Volt, but the way all the systems are displayed for them at a glance. Two LCD screens show battery power, the range to a recharge, speed and real-time on the efficiency of the Volt as you are driving. The center console boasts a seven-inch high-res screen that allows control with a touch. Sweet! When it .es to power, the Volt is staying at the head of the game as well, with a 16-k Wh lithium-ion battery pack that has been tested up, down and sideways. Chevy still backs it with a 100,000 mile/eight-year warranty. Your West Chicago used auto dealer is proud of Chevys warranty program and the way it takes care of customers. The cost of running a Volt is quite pleasing, with about $1.50 a day in electricity needed to charge the battery. It is emissions free, though, on battery power. A gas generator creates electricity to power the battery for long-distance trips up to hundreds of miles. The Volt can fully charge in around 10 hours with a 120-volt line or in about four hours with a 240-volt line. It can also be set to charge in off-peak hours to save more on charging costs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: