China’s express industry revenue will reach 400 billion yuan this year, an increase of more than 40% w32dasm

China’s express industry revenue will reach 400 billion yuan this year, an increase of more than 40% Xinhua news agency, Chengdu, November – (reporter Ye Jianping, Wu Wenxu), double the advent of the development of the express industry, causing concern about the arrival of the new year’s day, Xinhua news agency,, china. China’s express industry is to maintain rapid growth, is expected this year, the total amount of express business is expected to break 30 billion, business revenue will reach $400 billion, an increase of more than 50% and more than. This is the China Express association president Gao Hongfeng 1 at the third China International Logistics Development Conference revealed. Gao Hongfeng said that after nearly 10 years of rapid development of China’s express industry, the status and influence in the national economy growing. FedEx has become promoting circulation mode transformation, promote industrial modernization, passion ignite consumer guide consumption upgrade, promote economic growth, has become an important force to promote employment, improve people’s livelihood, service life and production optimization of structural adjustment. At present, China’s express industry is still facing many difficulties and problems. Gao Hongfeng said: extensive development, structural contradictions are still prominent, more serious homogenization of competition, the development environment needs to be further optimized. For example, China’s manufacturing supply chain depth is not enough, a single means of competition, mainly rely on price competition, cross-border electricity supplier, lack of rural logistics services, etc.." Gao Hongfeng believes that with the supply side to accelerate structural reforms, public entrepreneurship, innovation deepening, express industry policy environment continues to improve, the next few years will be upgrading, quality and efficiency, accelerate the development opportunities in the transformation period of China Express industry. "Collaboration to promote industrialization, informatization, urbanization, agricultural modernization and the green economy, the implementation of The Belt and Road strategy will effectively express industry to extend the industrial chain, to open up a broader space." Gao Hongfeng proposal to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the courier industry, enhance the service capacity and level of industry; adhere to innovation and development, expand and extend the industrial chain; optimize the policy environment to promote the development of the industry. For example, with the deepening development of collaborative e-commerce, promote online and offline interaction, the development of new formats and business convenience; actively integrate into the new field of intelligent manufacturing and customization manufacturing; and strengthen the electricity supplier of agricultural products and the origin of cooperation, to create a new pattern of fresh agricultural products circulation; strengthen the big data, cloud computing, networking and other information technology research and development, promote the development of "wisdom express" etc..相关的主题文章: