Chinese during the year and strive to build 1 – 2 national manufacturing innovation center – Beijing

Chinese during the year and strive to build 1 – 2 national manufacturing innovation center – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, September 9 (reporter Liu Yuying) China Ministry of industry and information technology minister Miao Wei in 9 days to attend a forum of experts when disclosure, in June 30th the first national manufacturing innovation center was established, will strive to build 1 in the two areas of increasing material manufacturing and industrial robot 2 manufacturing innovation center this year. 2016 national manufacturing power experts forum held in Beijing, 9. Miao Wei said at the forum, to enhance the innovation ability of manufacturing industry, the key is to build a national manufacturing innovation center is the core carrier of the national manufacturing innovation system, change the current innovation resources and innovation strength, lack of coordination in decentralized fault, elimination of the so-called "Death Valley" between the industry from the laboratory to the product, improve the key of generic technology supply. At present, the global manufacturing innovation system and innovation model is undergoing profound changes. The innovation carrier transforms from a single enterprise to a multi domain collaborative innovation network, and the innovation process changes from linear chain to collaborative parallel. Should change, the United States is actively building a manufacturing innovation network, the United Kingdom is also stepping up the construction of industrial technology innovation center, to make up for the gap between technological innovation and industrial development. June 30th, China’s first national manufacturing innovation center – power battery innovation center was formally established. The center by the enterprise, research institutes, universities, industrial funds and social capital and other innovative resources of voluntary combination, the formation of the core layer of capital as the link and the downstream technology for the tight layer of the union. According to the plan, by 2020, China will focus on the formation of about 15 manufacturing innovation center, and strive to form a manufacturing center in 2025 about 40. Miao Wei introduced the four aspects of the work to promote the manufacturing supply side structural reform in the forum, one is to resolve the overcapacity and disposal of zombie companies; the two is filled innovation ability, quality brand and industrial base is the three short board; reduce the cost of the business; the four is to promote the manufacturing industry and the Internet depth of integration. (end)相关的主题文章: