Chongqing man beaten father 20 times two times the breaking of the arm was sentenced-soojin

Chongqing man beaten father 20 times two times the breaking of the arm was sentenced to "Chengkou County People’s Court Criminal Tribunal now Zhu Moumou guilty of a crime of intentional injury case public hearing". At 10 a.m. on November 21st, Liao Bangming, the presiding judge, solemnly declared. Due to assault, maltreatment and desertion of the elderly in rural areas compared to typical cases, in order to better warning and education of the majority of the villagers, inheritance of respecting virtue, establish the legal authority, city court criminal trial court decision on the defendant to live in a community of the town of Yin Chengkou County Public hearing the case. During the trial, more than 240 middle school students and more than 300 villagers participated in the case. The 41 year old Zhu Moumou Xinghua village Chengkou County village, has been with the parents Zhu, Lee live. The defendant Zhu Moumou in live together with parents during idle, lazy, not only fail to perform their duty, but often beaten alcohol abuse of the elderly. Since 2014, Zhu Moumou and his father have different opinions about the use of compensation for death of eldest brother, and the contradiction has intensified. Since then, Zhu Moumou has beaten or insulted his father at home for a long time. His father Zhu repeatedly to the village committee, police station reflect, education without fruit. In desperation, in October 24th this year, Zhu son sued the Chengkou County People’s court punished. In just one year, Zhu Moumou beat his father 20 times with his shoes, bamboo sticks, hoes and so on, and he broke his arm two times, causing a slight injury. Finally, the defendant, Zhu Moumou, was sentenced to imprisonment for one year and six months because of intentional injury. "Today, we attended the education, and the judge gave us a vivid legal education course. The old people learned to protect themselves through legal means. The young people learned to care, respect and care for the elderly." So the villagers said. In recent years, the court always adhere to the people, the judicial justice, to implement the "who who law enforcement, legal responsibility system, vigorously carry out the circuit court under the rural villages and communities, through the assizes the vivid classroom form, to facilitate the masses litigation, the parties to reduce litigation costs, to achieve a" trial to the case, a piece of education ", to achieve unity between social effect and legal effect, promote social harmony and stability. Source: City Court

重庆男殴打父亲20多次 还两次打断其手臂被判刑   “城口县人民法院刑事审判庭现在就朱某某犯故意伤害罪一案公开开庭审理”。11月21日上午10点,审判长廖帮明郑重宣布。由于殴打、虐待、遗弃老人案件在农村比较典型,为更好地警示和教育广大村民,传承尊老美德,树立法律威严,城口法院刑事审判庭决定在被告人居住地城口县修齐镇某社区公开开庭审理此案。庭审过程中,约有240余名中学生、300余名村民参与了案件旁听。   今年41岁的朱某某是城口县修齐镇兴华村村民,一直与父母朱某、李某居住。被告人朱某某在与父母共同生活期间,好吃懒做,游手好闲,不但不履行赡养义务,反而经常酗酒殴打虐待老人。2014年以来,朱某某与父亲就大哥的死亡赔偿金使用问题产生分歧,矛盾激化,此后朱某某长期在家对父亲进行殴打或辱骂。其父朱某多次向村委会、派出所反映,教育无果。无奈之下,今年10月24日,朱某将儿子诉至城口县人民法院要求严惩。   短短一年多时间,朱某某竟用鞋子、竹棍、锄头等殴打父亲20多次,并两次打断其手臂,造成轻伤一级。最终,被告人朱某某因犯故意伤害罪,被判处有期徒刑一年六个月。   “今天参加旁听深受教育,法官通过案例给我们上了一场生动的法律教育课,老人学会了通过法律途径保护自己,年轻人学会了关心、尊敬、爱护老人。”旁听的村民如是说。   近年来,城口法院始终坚持司法为民、公正司法,贯彻落实“谁执法,谁普法”普法责任制,大力开展巡回法庭下乡村、进社区活动,通过巡回审判这种生动的课堂形式,方便群众诉讼,减少当事人诉累,达到了“审理一案、教育一片”的目的,实现社会效果与法律效果的有机统一,促进了社会的和谐稳定。   来源:城口法院相关的主题文章: