Cleaning Tip For A Walther

Sports-and-Recreation Like many .22 caliber pistols, the Walther P22 tends to foul quickly. When a firearm becomes fouled with excess powder residue and dirt its performance is often compromised until it’s given a good cleaning. The P22 is no different and will experience performance issues if it’s not cleaned regularly – at least every 500 rounds, but ideally more toward the 250-round range. The Walther P22’s small size makes it somewhat of a challenge to clean because its compact frame makes it difficult to get into all of the nooks and crannies in the action to remove powder residue and dirt. Luckily, there are a couple steps that you can take to make cleaning your P22 easier. Use a synthetic-safe aerosol solvent to help clean your pistol. Trying to clean the P22’s action using a cotton cloth is difficult because most of the crucial components are inaccessible without totally disassembling the firearm. Luckily, you don’t have to take drastic measure to give the pistol a thorough cleaning. A synthetic-safe aerosol solvent will allow you to blast solvent into otherwise impossible areas of the action to reach. Your local gun shop or sporting goods store should sell such a product. Make sure that you buy a synthetic-safe formula or you may damage the P22’s plastic frame. Use the straw that comes with the aerosol solvent to direct the spray into hard to reach parts of the action. This process can get pretty messy, so be sure to do this cleaning outdoors or over a large bucket, container or towel. Go one step further than the manual requires. Walther’s manual instructs the common owner not to disassemble the P22 further than removing the slide from the frame. However, going one step further by removing the action from the frame will allow you much better access to various components and therefore yield a more complete cleaning. Skip this recommendation if you’re at all uncomfortable disassembling your P22. If you’re willing to give it a try, all it takes is the removal of two pins. Note that detailed instructions and picture showing how to do this are available over at SpentBrass. To remove the action from the frame of the P22, use a punch to remove the two pins that secure the action to the frame. There’s one just above the trigger guard and another on the grip of the pistol. It’s very important to be gentle and not to force the pins. They’re only held in place by friction and they will slide out slowly but surely. Once you have the pins out, gently remove the action from the frame by pulling up on it and giving it a little wiggle if necessary to shake it lose. The slide release lever will fall off, so make sure to do this over a clean work area. With the action and the frame separated, use the aerosol cleaner to give the inside of the frame and the action a good cleaning. Once you’re done, reassemble the pistol placing the slide release lever, inserting the action back into the frame and replacing the pins. Note that the pins are two different lengths. The longer pin goes above the trigger guard and the shorter one goes in the grip. Don’t force the pins. Gently push them back through the frame and action. If they seem to catch on something, readjust the action and try again. Once you reassemble to rest of your P22, you’ll have a clean pistol ready for another problem-free 500 rounds or so. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: