Clothing! At Barcelona Atletico La Liga team will play more than super

Clothing! At Barcelona Atletico La Liga team will play the Spanish army God poster more than super Eli Gane J (this article is reproduced to the Spanish official micro-blog account: @LaLiga League)? This weekend Marlay Garnes will host Valencia promoted La Liga in the home court, Spain local time is 12:00 this afternoon, to eat and sleep, work, work all night take the Spaniard is not a small challenge. Always play the Leganes Club released a teaser poster contest, in order to encourage everyone to get up: "vitamin C, Sunday morning!" Eli Gane J game poster background is garish orange, give a person a kind of vitamin bursting feeling. Stems from the vitamin the warring parties are two famous Vegetable & Fruit areas, Eli Gane J in Valencia with the famous cucumber, citrus, vitamin Debbie was born. Art is still very sketchy on the poster with 2 letters, VITAMINA C (vitamin C) into VITAMINA CDL (vitamin Leganes). Has not finished! In addition to the posters for his fans, Eli Gane J did not forget to provoke opponents. Look at the picture below. Eli Gane J’s creative POSTER "play in the morning, hopefully this will be our advantage". Picture of a bat in the bed. Bats are nocturnal, hope that through the "morning Leganes play is not conducive to the bat" stem to rival entertainment. This is not the first time Eli Gane J then play, this season has been concerned about the Spanish should know that the first two rounds of the newly promoted horse attack and Barcelona have resorted to a competitive intriguing afternoon, we work together to review. The Barcelona poster La Liga fourth round, Eli Gane J founded 88 years finally came to the front with the red and blue army battle, their poster is this: Barcelona poster? "Comply with the destiny?" "Or not." Barcelona players love for God, they all think that both the strength and the poor, perhaps one-sided games? But Eli Gane J himself did not think so, big laugh. The poster in the silhouette of players hands that day is a tribute to Messi, but the character again showed his ambition was just perfect. But then the result, we all know, Barcelona visit butarque 5-1 sweep Leganes, cucumber army guards attempted. Ma Jing against the poster and then forward a little bit this season, the second round of the home game against the city of rival Ma Jing, the release of the poster contains a lot of highlights on the. Atletico Madrid, on the poster of Atletico Madrid, was personified as a red Indian because, in addition to the army of the sheets, Atletico had a nickname "Indios". Eli Gane J drew himself into a blue cowboy and offered a glass of beer to the indians". This poster posted on twitter, circle the Atletico account, said: "Dear neighbors, this Saturday we are Cowboys lodge you, you know, the road is down M40." Atletico is still useful in twitter replies: "you have a cowboy house? Glad to hear the news. Saturday we meet in derby." Finally laijia"相关的主题文章: