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Cold winds bring heavy rain to cool snow in Hubei and more snow (Figure) – Sohu news Wudang Mountains usher in snow. The snow ornament on the tree, like a blossoming flower Luo Qinghua photo Beijing, Wuhan in October 29,   (MA Furong; Tang Yue Guo Xiaoying) a new round of severe cold air, not only brought strong winds, cool, rainy weather to Hubei, back to the province many "bundled" of a snow. 29 reporter learned from the Hubei Provincial Meteorological Bureau, the influence of the cold air under low temperature and rain "mode will continue to remind people to pay attention to warm cold. According to reports, the cold air arrived in Hubei on the morning of 28, followed by strong winds, cool weather, accompanied by precipitation. From 8 to 29, 28, 8, Hubei has 8 counties 58 counties heavy rain, moderate rain, 14 counties rain, maximum rainfall of Songzi 34.6 mm. The lowest temperature in most areas dropped to below 10 DEG C, the highest temperature at 12-15 degrees Celsius, and the north wind blowing, the body feeling temperature is very low. Affected by cold air, Hubei, Shennongjia, Wudang Mountains, Enshi, Yichang and other places also appeared in the snow. Wudang Mountains scenic area management staff Luo Qinghua told reporters, from 28 PM, at about 1500 meters above sea level in the snow, and continued until the morning of 29 am, when the snow in some areas up to 3 cm () in the area of 4 cm. From 28 on the evening of 6 to 5:30 on the 29, Shennongjia also ushered in snow. More than 1500 meters above sea level. The snow in Shennongjia, the average temperature 6 degrees celsius. The sudden cold weather did not affect people play shangxue good mood. The meteorological department said, 29 days, 30 days, Hubei province wind weakened, but still in the rain, small to moderate rain will appear frequently. Temperature, the 29 will further decline around 2 degrees Celsius, the 30 will be a slight rebound but still sluggish. Expected after November 1st, Hubei will usher in a period of fine weather.相关的主题文章: