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College dormitory rent bed into the family and the workplace is a new family of postgraduate network main – in recent years in the summer campus, not only rarely is the "vacant" scene, and living in the school personnel structure is more complex. Especially in some famous universities, tourists, summer camp campers, teachers for training in a continuous line. At the same time, there are such a group of people in the Campus — they are not students of the school, but live in the student dormitory, dubbed the "rent bed". Now, "rent bed family" how hot? Faced with this situation, how to manage the school? In this regard, the reporter went on to investigate a number of colleges and universities. Internships, PubMed and the new workplace is the main force in many colleges and universities in the country, there are rent bed family, while the North Canton and other well-known colleges and universities are most densely concentrated. Reporters came to a university in Beijing ring, in front of the dining hall bulletin board to see such a "Qiuzu notice": "the female dormitory beds a rent, I am master graduate, good habits, price negotiable." A small piece of paper written under the phone has been torn off two. For everywhere Qiuzu posting campus, the school astronomy department senior Lin Haibo already got: "almost every dorm has a" rent bed family ". This summer, there are a number of Shixiongshijie after graduation did not find a place to live, and asked me what had empty beds." Reporters found in the survey, every graduation, graduation season, the major universities in Beijing, rent beds will grow somewhat. "In July 2015, I attended a university graduate class, class of students from all over the country, but basically in the North rent beds, there are people I rented a campus card, on the North early adult life." Just graduated from Beijing Normal University, Ceng Yubei told reporters. This belongs to the bed of the students in the school, how to become a commodity? Reporter boarded the Beijing University BBS site under the guidance of Lin Haibo, found only in August released "Qiuzu dormitory beds have 29 posts. In addition, some commercial sites, but also the main way to rent the University bed. "Internship, PubMed and the new workplace is the main force to rent a bed." Lin Haibo added. The dormitory safety issues worthy of attention but most of the "landlord" rental beds are A thing has its cause. Beijing university students study two navigation peacetime training office just close to home, so she left her dorm beds rented after graduation has yet to find a place you: "it is empty, you help busy, the way to earn pocket money." Qiuzu rental beds also let in a continuous line, "the landlord" earned a little money. According to the reporter survey, Beijing ordinary college students a semester accommodation in 900~1200 yuan, while the average monthly rent of about 800 yuan, can be returned to the two months. Rental bed, the owner of the harvest of human feelings and rent, but the roommate’s life was disturbed. Shanghai, a university student Sasa suffered a "embarrassing": "our dormitory two people, and rent the bed of the students and my temper is different, it is difficult to get along with, I do not have grievances相关的主题文章: