College students always play games throughout the night often cold actually suffering from lymphoma

Students often play games all night total "cold" actually suffering from lymphatic cancer among college students in Shenyang Zhang Xiaogang (a pseudonym), from entering the university after the often cold, have a fever, but he did not care, but always all night playing games, until he was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer…… Recently, Shen City Department of Hematology experts Zhang Xiaogang case to remind the public, the younger trend of cancer can not be ignored, always stay up all night, low immunity, may induce the disease. Students playing games all night fever after the discovery of lymphatic cancer from CCTV Oprah Luo Jing, entrepreneur Li Kaifu, in September of this year has just died after 90 actress Xu Ting, they are all lymph cancer patients. But Zhang Xiaogang, who was only 19 years old, could not have imagined that the malignant disease would one day fall on his head. Originally, he was in high school to study pressure, accustomed to staying up late to do classes during the day, life, the spirit is always high tension, often cold, have a fever. Finally admitted to college, he suddenly relaxed. In the absence of family control of the day, often stay up late playing games, a dozen is an all night. Three meals a day not to eat, hungry to eat junk food. But recently, he sustained high fever, "cold" is not how good, he arrived at the hospital to do a detailed inspection, it was found in lymph cancer. Lymphatic cancer tends to be young and don’t have a fever when the cold treatment of Shengjing Hospital affiliated to China Medical University Second Department of hematology ward director Professor Yang Wei said: "now the lymph cancer patients, more and more young people, and even some teenage children." Worthy of attention is that the early symptoms of the disease is not obvious, a lot of people and some people can feel neither painful nor itching, swelling of the lymph node in the body, more people may be cold, have a fever, cough and other symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection, so many people may ignore the symptoms as a cold cure. Often wait until the patient found serious problems need to seek medical treatment, has reached the advanced stage. Yang Wei reminded, in fact as long as the early detection and timely treatment, the cure rate can be more than 50%, so to remind people to pay attention to your symptoms have a fever, night sweats, long unhealed, unexplained weight loss, lymph nodes and other symptoms should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. More importantly, the prevention of the disease should improve their immune system, the first is not to stay up late, regular rest, rest, eat regular meals and nutrition reasonable collocation, quit alcohol limit, exercise. At the same time, pay attention to stay away from decoration pollution, ionizing radiation and so on, to avoid induced disease.相关的主题文章: