Credit card stolen brush 40 thousand banks were sentenced to pay up to 7 agogoktv

Brush 40 thousand stolen credit card bank Pipan Pei 7 – Beijing brush 40 thousand stolen credit card bank Pipan Pei 7 judge: in credit card transactions, the bank failed to identify the credit card, the cardholder should bear the corresponding liability loss in December 15, 2015 at 3:55 PM, Ms. Liu was sleeping at home in Nanjing, but the hold a bank credit card has been successively 3 times consumption in Spain, fraudulent 41066.9 yuan. Later, she found the relevant bank representations, but the bank believes that the three pens are paid by the password, Liu should be regarded as their own consumption, the responsibility should be borne by their own. In desperation, Ms. Liu in March this year will be issued to the Bank of Nanjing Drum Tower District Court, claiming that their credit card was fraudulent losses should be fully responsible for the bank, the reason is that the defendant bank system can not identify the fake card. In September 2nd, the court of first instance verdict on the case, the defendant was sentenced to bear responsibility for 70% banks, the plaintiff Liu bear 30%. Correspondent Li Ziqing Yangzi Evening News reporter Luo Shuangjiang credit card stolen brush in Spain, 30 in the early days of Ms. Liu is Nanjing, in 2009 it handled a Everbright Bank credit card. In 2015, China Everbright Bank Nanjing branch Liu this card upgrade to sun Iraqi titanium international credit card. In the same year at 3:55 on December 15th Xu, Liu phone received three text messages to remind her credit card shows that there are three pen consumption, the total amount of $41066.9. Morning 9 am, Ms. Liu was able to see text messages, she immediately call the bank customer service phone service to confirm the credit card in the early morning of December 15th, there are only a few minutes of spending in the consumer place in spain. Liu feel this strange, because the consumer from the beginning to she was informed of the matter, the road has been in Gulou District of Nanjing City arches Lane home and go to the provincial people’s hospital work, the credit card has been on my own. On the day of the incident, Liu went to the issuing bank to negotiate, China Everbright Bank will apply for the three pen consumption to deal with. Since then, China Everbright Bank Nanjing branch did not pass the payment application. Helpless, Ms. Liu had to swallow the side while discussing the repayment. Sued the bank for saying in March this year, Liu will Everbright Bank Nanjing branch to Nanjing Gulou District Court, three claims made: 41066.9 yuan to order the defendant to the plaintiff’s credit card stolen brush to order the defendant to bear the burden; the credit card stolen produce surcharge, installment fee and interest totaling 4355.81 yuan; the defendant bear the costs of litigation. In the case of the trial, the plaintiff Liu provided the incident on the day of their own shooting video, to prove that the case involved in the case of a credit card in his body, and his person in Nanjing. But the defendant believes that the Department of the video produced by the plaintiff, not recognized. Nanjing branch of China Everbright Bank also believes that the bank credit card according to the "Regulations" provisions of article fourteenth, usually by password transactions, shall be deemed by the cardholder, the cardholder shall return the arrears, the case involving the three items of consumption should be authorized by Liu himself or others, not to steal brush. Liu believes that the case involves a copy of the card system to make the card was stolen, the defendant failed.相关的主题文章: