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Crude oil futures are not optimistic, oil prices continue to fall, Huitong network February 2nd hearing – Tuesday (February 2nd) Asian market early, international oil prices continue to fall. NYMEX crude oil futures traded near 31.36 U.S. dollars, a decrease of about 0.82%; Brent crude oil futures trading near 34.13 U.S. dollars barrels, down 0.32%. The prospect of crude oil production reduction is unknown, and China’s economic data is poor, triggering a new round of worries about China’s demand, and oil prices are rising again. On Monday, WTI3 month crude oil futures fell $2, or 6%, at $31.62 a barrel, before the end of four consecutive trading days up trend. ICE Monday, April Brent crude oil futures fell $1.75, or 4.86%, at $34.24 a barrel. (the U.S. NYMEX crude oil futures contract prices in March on the daily chart, chart time for EST, photograph: Peng Bo (pictured above) ICE Brent crude oil futures contract prices in April on the daily chart, chart time for EST, photograph: Peng Bo) New York energy management agency senior analyst Dominick Chirichella on Monday (February 1st the drop in oil prices): now that oil prices have bottomed out is useless; the excess demand is far greater than the supply of crude oil, Chinese released Monday January official manufacturing PMI weak Chinese worried about the market demand will continue to decline, the global economy may slow further this year; in addition, earlier OPEC representatives also said the possibility of the emergency meeting of OPEC today is very low; many factors make the drop in oil prices, oil prices fell more than 5% WTI. OPEC said Monday that the Gulf countries hope to influence the waiting return of Iran crude oil market; the Gulf state of Arabia held an emergency meeting of OPEC does not support an emergency meeting; no agreement will damage the oil price; the Gulf countries worry will help cut production of shale oil companies to snatch market share. Deutsche Bank believes that the U.S. stock market fell by the impact of weak demand and consumer confidence and spending, is the main cause of oil prices this year is not optimistic about the prospects, in addition to the trade weighted by the continued appreciation of the dollar to oil pressure; as the U.S. stock innovation high, imports remain high, downward pressure on oil prices is not decreased, eventually fell to the U.S. oil or material the marginal cost price of $7-17 barrel. On Monday, Putin assembled a diamond mineral company including Alrosa, Rosneft, Bashneft oil company, the railway company Russian Railways, foreign trade bank (VTB), airlines (Aeroflot) and the largest shipbuilding company (Sovcomflot), the seven major Russian state-owned enterprises, to discuss the possibility of privatization. "Financial Times" quoted the Russian economist Oleg Kouzmin comments Renaissance Capital said earlier, privatization is mainly in order to adjust the economic structure, the economic activity is more efficient, but now Russia’s privatization of state-owned enterprises for oil prices fell due to financial difficulties, Putin needs to raise funds. Beijing time theory

【原油盘初】减产前景不被看好,油价继续下挫   汇通网2月2日讯——周二(2月2日)亚市盘初,国际油价继续下挫。NYMEX原油期货交投于31.36美元 桶附近,跌幅约0.82%;布伦特原油期货交投于34.13美元 桶附近,跌幅0.32%。原油减产前景不明,加上中国经济数据欠佳引发投资者对中国需求的新一轮担忧,油价回升乏力。   WTI3月原油期货周一收跌2.00美元,跌幅6.0%,报31.62美元 桶,结束之前连续四个交易日上涨的趋势。ICE布伦特4月原油期货周一收跌1.75美元,或4.86%,报34.24美元 桶。   (上图为美国NYMEX原油期货3月合约价格日线图,图上时间为美国东部时间,图片来源:彭博)   (上图为ICE布伦特原油期货4月合约价格日线图,图上时间为美国东部时间,图片来源:彭博)   纽约能源管理机构高级分析师Dominick Chirichella分析周一(2月1日)油价下跌:现在说油价已触底并无用处;当前原油供应过剩远大于需求,中国周一公布的1月官方制造业PMI疲软令市场担忧中国需求将继续下滑,全球经济也可能在今年进一步放缓;另外,稍早前欧佩克代表也表示欧佩克紧急会议召开的可能性很低;多种因素令今日油价下跌,WTI油价跌幅一度逾5%。   OPEC代表周一表示,海湾国家希望等待伊朗回归原油市场的影响;海湾阿拉伯国家不支持召开欧佩克紧急会议;没有达成协议的紧急会议将损及油价;海湾国家担忧削减产量将利于页岩油商抢夺市场份额。   德银认为,美国需求疲软和股市下跌影响了消费信心和支出,是今年油价前景不乐观的主因,此外贸易加权下的美元持续升值也令油价承压;随着美国库存不断创新高,进口量维持高位,油价的下行压力不减,料美油最终或跌到7-17美元 桶的边际成本价。   周一,普京集结了包括钻石矿业公司Alrosa、石油公司Rosneft、Bashneft、铁路公司Russian Railways,外贸银行(VTB)、航空公司(Aeroflot)和最大造船公司(Sovcomflot)在内的七个俄罗斯主要国营企业,来商讨私有化的可能性。   《金融时报》援引复兴资本的俄罗斯经济学家Oleg Kouzmin评论称,此前,私有化主要是为了调整经济结构,使经济活动更为高效,但现在俄罗斯的国企私有化是出于油价大跌导致的财政困难,普京需要筹措资金。   北京时间9:13,美原油报31.22美元 桶,布伦特原油报33.79美元 桶。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: