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The Commission on rail transit construction funds pressure: reasonable design of fare system of national development and Reform Commission on September 14, 2016 (Wednesday) morning 9:30, three floor conference room held a press conference with regular theme in the national development and Reform Commission, issued the macroeconomic situation and respond to hot issues, the relevant responsible person attended the press conference and answered questions from reporters. Following the conference record: China reform reform network reporter: we all noticed that this year the city of our country rail transportation develops very rapidly, but at the same time, the construction cost is also more and more high, the whole industry is facing enormous financial pressure. My question is, what measures do we have to address these financial pressures? Zhao Chenxin: the state has approved the planning and construction of city rail transit 43 city about 8600 kilometers, is currently in the construction of more than 3000 kilometers of mileage, indeed, as you said, the construction cost is rising year by year, the average construction cost per kilometer now reached 700 million yuan. At present, the main sources of urban rail transit construction funds are government financial capital and indirect financing. This brings huge financial pressure and heavy debt burden to local governments. Compared with the rapid development of the current situation, the urban rail transit investment and financing model, institutional mechanisms are indeed in urgent need of reform and innovation. City rail transit financing involves a wide range, we believe that we should firmly establish the concept of sustainable development, adhere to the diversification of financing, establishing win-win cooperation mechanism, increase policy innovation. To sum up, I commission to encourage local focus on the following aspects of work, multi-channel financing. One is to improve the comprehensive development of land policy, the coordination of the different attributes of land management mechanism, promote the property development along the rail transit and the perimeter of the site; the two is to promote PPP mode, the introduction of social capital actively, improve the relevant tax policy; three is to learn from the advanced experience at home and abroad, the design of scientific and reasonable fare system, is not only beneficial to the sustainable management, but also embody the public property; four is a comprehensive design in-depth study of fire protection, environmental protection and other standard supporting policies, strengthen the comprehensive development, business operations and other professionals in the supply industry for sustainable development to provide protection. These four aspects are and I have talked about the city rail transit financing are related, the work will be financing mode of our innovation, will create a better and more convenient for its financing and conditions. I will answer this. Today, the conference will be here. Today, the conference by the China network, I commissioned WeChat, micro-blog live video. I will also be the site will soon broadcast the entire video, welcome attention. Also today is the last day before the holiday, tomorrow is the Mid Autumn Festival, I wish to take this opportunity to participate in the conference, reporters and usually told me to keep in touch, I focus on commission Commission news propaganda reporters a happy holiday! Thank you all. This is the end of the conference. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: