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Home-Improvement Cushions are one of very important stuffs in home furnishings. If used smartly and artistically they can give a mind blowing look to your furniture and home. They are available in all sizes and patterns according to the requirement. They adorn the interior if used inside the home and splash the exterior if used outside. The best part of a cushion is its cover that can be washed when it gets dirty, so after a wash it again turns into new one. Cushions are not only used to make a decorative furnishing, but they provide a great .fort too. The .fort level depends on the fabric, size and material used in making a cushion. Here are some types of cushions available in the market: Embroidered cushions These cushions are most amazing. They are able to attract you with their designs and colours. The speciality of cushion covers is that they represent the culture and style of a particular region or decade. Embroidery work on these cushions includes; flowers, leaves, antique designs, modern art, faces and many more. You can automatically differentiate the style of artwork from one cushion from another by looking its design. Different .binations and colours of threads are used in their embroidery work it makes them more attractive. Velvet Cushions Velvet is made up by weaving as a double cloth on a specialized loom in which thread sticks up and form a soft mound. That is why velvet cushions are very soft and .fortable. Cushions can be made more attractive by using velvet that consists of multiple threads. Velvet cushions need special care while sewing. These velvet cushions can be brushed to remove the dust from them. Applique Cushions You will have a great fun with these cushions with the most experimental craft. You can get the design and size of letters of your choice. These cushion covers are made from naturally grown cotton. The applique fabric was the first used hand block with interesting patterns made of natural colours. Rich applique work labels the beauty to the cushion covers. Fine stitches ensure its durability that makes it long lasting. Patch Work Cushions Patchwork cushion is made by sewing many small pieces of fabrics together with the help of needles. Because of this quality of patchwork you get a great .bination of fabrics, patterns, designs and colours. You can even get the different .binations of your choice. Patchwork is also the best option to use the scraps of fabric to make a cushion in low prices. Brocade Cushion Brocade fabric includes a selection of natural images like; flowers, plants, etc. Brocade is used for wedding dresses, stage appearance and other entertainment fields, so obviously the cushions made with brocade fabric will have an attractive look and will focus attention on them. Block Print Cushion Cover Block print cushion is the most .mon and widely used technique of printing. A block is just like a stamp that contains letters or any design. So block printing provides options of getting a cushion that contains the design of your choice. Either you can get the ready-made printed cushions or you can order the manufacturer to create a different design on the wooden block for you. Orthopaedic seat cushions These cushions are used by people who are suffering from back ache or want to prevent themselves from it. There are so many reasons that cause back ache like; continue sitting hours at school or office, sports injuries, unbalanced body weight and others. Whatever reason is there, but you have to be very .fortable while sitting. These cushions are ultimate choice for that .fort. You can see as many verities of cushions as many patterns of fabrics are available there in the market. The choice is yours which pattern suits you the best and solves your purpose. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: