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Does baking soda starve cancer cells?! Do not always want to make a big news original title: baking soda starved cancer cells?! Don’t always want to make big news. Author: pineapple source: public number "pineapple factor" (a) many people believe that these two days have seen the news: many people came to ask: "pineapple, baking soda and reliable cure cancer?!" Before I answer, we first look at the comments on the Internet, very interesting, is the two extremes, the two sides have played up. Super powder: Super Black: who is right? This is the Nobel prizes of breakthrough, or a fool? What is the truth? To tell you a fable: Sichuan has a dessert division, like pondering, after a number of studies, it was found that when eating pineapple sprinkle a little pepper powder can produce a combination of magic taste, eat better. So he found dozens of diners to taste, half eat pineapple, half eat chili powder pineapple. Results 63% single eat pineapple satisfaction, while the 100% eat chili powder pineapple satisfaction. It’s a great pleasure to have the findings published in the newspaper, hoping to get the recognition of their peers, and attract more people to try and verify their invention. Who knows this thing has been stabbed to micro-blog on the title: "the genius of Sichuan was born! Make the best dessert with a bit of chili powder!" Micro-blog results. Supporters said: "it is good, the other branches are rubbish!" , "I said, really good things are cheap!" "This is the world of chef!". Opponents said: "Sichuan love with drainage oil, harm!" , "the man must have taken the money from the chili factory!" "Pineapple, native to the Americas, Sichuan cook may not make it good!" Dessert division stunned in the side: Mom eggs, I was trying to improve the pineapple eating method, evaluation should be no difference, better to eat, or even more delicious". What are you trying to do? Fable finished, I hope you understand. (two) below the net friend said my heart. Behind this news, in fact, is a regular clinical research for liver cancer, published in a very good research magazine eLife above, definitely not big flicker. Interested readers can click on "read the original" to see this article. I checked, the research team in the past few years continuously published several related research papers, before the animal experiment, this is the first report of human test results, it is not Weakness lends wings to rumours. This is an early clinical trial that has been completed over the years since 2012. More than half of the world’s liver cancer in China, Europe and the United States fewer patients, not a hot research, slow progress. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to encourage a high level of quality research at the national level, including basic science, translational medicine and clinical medicine. The Zhejiang doctor team is a good try, according to the scientific method of testing, and open data, published research papers. With this attitude, no matter what the outcome, they have won. So, I want to Hao相关的主题文章: