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Dunst Castle ghost story – Sohu – tourism in southern England, self driving travel eight after three days and more than and 300 miles of running, in the picture below in such a two-way two lane on the left, the old man can proudly put a right-hand car at 50 miles, or 80 kilometers above. You can easily keep up with the British fly the same speed! Two years ago in the United Kingdom since the car gave me too much warmth, the three days of driving, warm and full of heart. I dare say, driving the British civilization scheduled to be on the absolute first in the world, on the highway, never see again in the slow lane overtaking phenomenon; in such a two-way two lane country road, never see an overtaking phenomenon; so narrow country road speed limit of 60 miles, or 97 kilometers that is because all the cars did not stop watching the road, the main road traffic has not seen a brake; in the absence of traffic lights at the crossroads is each intersection later let the car through the car; if I give to the other side of the car to the other, the driver must be waved thanks. Driving in such a driving environment, how can not be "warm" to describe the word?! 6 in the evening, when the navigator tells us less than 2 miles to the town of Dunst, she pointed to the left in front of me and said: "the distance should be on top of the castle Dunst castle." And the Dunst Castle sign on the side of the road pointed to it. Let us some regret that the castle in an hour before closing, I and his wife in the parking lot for a long time did not see a person. I said, "how about we go back to the castle and have a castle dinner?" The wife agreed, so we start climbing back on dry food. From the mountain, and stayed for a while in the castle, a large lawn and then go back to the parking lot, we even saw nobody. The castle ticket is 11.5 pounds, not that we do not want to buy tickets, but can not see a person, even if it is a pedestrian. Dunst castle dates back to the time of the England in, that is, it has a history of more than 1000 years. Although the building only in Eleventh Century at the beginning of the construction of the entrance gate is retained, but its main building are built in 500 years ago before the Tudor dynasty. It is said that members of the royal family and England during the war of the prisoners had lived in this castle. In 1644, the British civil war broke out, the king Charlie Thi has been here as a supporter of the rally. But after the war, the king’s soldiers and the inhabitants of the king were surrounded by the general assembly of general Cromwell in the castle. In order not to starve to death, the besieged soldiers and residents were forced to eat. But what is even more frightening is that the army has thrown the rotting bodies into the castle to pollute the enemy’s food and other food. Unable to resist disease and hunger, many Knights of the king’s army had to surrender. After the civil war, probably because Dunst Castle left a large number of bones, will appear in the "haunted" legend. It is said that a guard in seventeenth Century, a mysterious dark woman, a green.相关的主题文章: