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Eat leftovers to long-term stomach   stomach to keep 6 good habits — food channel — original title: long-term eating leftovers to keep 6 stomach stomach cause many good habits thrifty women in order to avoid the waste of food, often eat leftovers heated, actually this kind of re heated food will cause the body to long time digestion, serious or even cause the stomach. The long-term consumption of re heating leftovers, prone to indigestion even lead to stomach. Long term consumption mainly contains leftovers will lead to stomach we often eat Steamed Rice in starch, starch by the mouth of saliva amylase hydrolyzed into dextrin and maltose. After the stomach into the small intestine, is broken down into glucose, and then absorbed by the intestinal mucosa. When starch is heated to 60 DEG C, it will gradually expand and eventually become a paste". Digestive enzymes in the human body are more likely to hydrolyze the starch molecules. When the starch is cooled, it will produce "aging" phenomenon. It is impossible to recover the molecular structure of gelatinized starch molecules even when the temperature is high. The ability of human body to hydrolyze and digest the aged starch is greatly reduced. Therefore, the long-term consumption of such re heating leftovers, prone to indigestion even lead to stomach. Where the digestive dysfunction in the elderly, infants and young children or infirm persons and persons suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, Steamed Rice re heating is best not to eat or eat cold. In addition, the starch containing foods are most likely to be contaminated with Staph, and this kind of food is most suitable for the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, reproduction, therefore, eat leftovers easily cause food poisoning. Light nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea; severe cases will be severe diarrhea, dehydration, so the shock phenomenon has occurred. Several habits to help you keep your stomach 1, regular quantitative: that is, three meals a day regularly, to the specified time, whether hungry or not hungry. Should take the initiative to eat. To avoid hunger or fullness, stomach regular activities. Each meal should also maintain moderate intake. 2, the temperature is appropriate: the temperature of the diet should be "not hot not cool" degree. Otherwise, after the hot cold food into the stomach, will stimulate the gastric mucosa, over time. Easily lead to stomach trouble. 3 slowly: chew for food, the food as much as possible "fine", in order to reduce the workload of the stomach. The number of chewing, along with the secretion of saliva is more. It has protective effect on gastric mucosa. 4, drinking time: the best time to drink water is to get up in the morning fasting and one hour before each meal. Immediately after drinking water will dilute the gastric juice. Rice soup will also affect the digestion of food. 5, appropriate vitamin C: vitamin C has a protective effect on the stomach. Normal vitamin C levels in gastric juice. Can effectively play the role of the stomach to protect the stomach and enhance the anti-cancer effect of the stomach. 6, Duoganduo warm sweet food can be nourishing spleen and stomach. For example, millet, yam, pumpkin and other food, has good effect of replenishing spleen. And can improve immunity. (: Sheng, commissioning editor Nie Congxiao)相关的主题文章: