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Department of foreign affairs European Division: China and the EU are actively consulting on steel trade We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! In October 30th, Chinese (Hainan) held the eighty-first Institute for reform and development of international China reform forum, deputy director of the European Department of the Ministry of foreign affairs Qi Mei interview twenty-first Century economic report said, Chinese is working with European Iron and steel trade problems in active negotiations and believe that it will be solved properly, and to promote the development of China’s iron and steel industry and as China’s photovoltaic industry’s experience. A key theme of the forum is globalization and how to deal with protectionism and even the situation of anti globalization. The experts especially experts from Europe, recently the globalization trend was reversed to a certain extent, related to the European and American countries in the globalization and Chinese interests, as the world’s factory, especially in the global free trade benefited, is the global "winner". So, if you want to continue to promote globalization, one of the key points to consider is how to make up for the "losers"". In this regard, the European Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Deputy Director Qi Mei in a keynote speech, the current crisis in Europe is not necessarily is the product of globalization, globalization and the background factors, but the relevant policies, and for many years the EU system design etc.. How to define globalization win? Mei Qi said it is difficult to generalize. Her analysis, China’s reform and opening up over the past 30 years, the European investment in the Chinese market is very large and extensive, involving all aspects, but also a lot of profit. In terms of trade, China’s iron and steel in Europe, is not equivalent to Brazil’s soybean in China? (background, in on 29 days, participants suggested that under the framework of globalization, although the world manufacturing industry, China to Chinese but agriculture suffered from imported food products impact, especially soybean. But a major feature of globalization is the effective allocation of resources in the global market, Brazil soybean production and the production cost is dominant, while the existing cultivated land China is indeed difficult to meet the domestic market demand for soybeans). For the twenty-first Century economic report reporter about whether China put forward this view in the Sino EU trade negotiations, Qi Mei said, no, but the main emphasis Chinese steel exports are mainly primary products, and advanced products imported from Europe after the last production is mainly sold to Europe and Chinese, not from the import of these primary China steel products, will have to import from other countries, relatively speaking, Chinese products both in quality and price advantage. Her analysis, in fact, from the economic level, the two sides can understand, is complementary, the European anti-dumping measures against China’s steel products, more political protectionism. Nevertheless, Qi Mei stressed that no major strategic difference between China and the EU, more reflected in the differences on specific issues in the level of understanding, and should be resolved through dialogue and exchanges. She said, I believe that through dialogue and negotiations, properly resolve the relevant issues of China’s steel trade相关的主题文章: