Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen talked about the 10 points last night! ca1810

Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen talked about the 10 points last night! [Abstract] Yellen: the federal funds rate path median down 25-50 basis points, the federal funds rate will be based on the economic data path changes, if the labor market growth, and no new risks, 2016 will be a rate hike. Once again, the Fed decided to suspend interest rates, interest rates continue to be maintained at between 0.25% to 0.5%. The Fed meeting on interest rates after the Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen delivered a speech in the speech, there are 10 particularly important point, we made a comb for everyone to see: 1, Yellen: I do not want to involve politics, will not make any comment on the U.S. presidential election. The Federal Reserve is set up as an independent body, and the Fed’s decision will not compromise on political issues. 2, Yellen: interest rate hike is too long there is a risk, do not want to lead to the downside risk of the job market, the current U.S. economy may lead to a bubble concern. 3, Yellen: PCE inflation rate is still lower than the inflation target of 2%, inflation target level of 2% is very important, will be committed to the full implementation of the inflation target of 2%. 4, Yellen: employment growth rate is higher than the speed needed to absorb the new workers, unemployment indicators show that there are more people looking for work, more and more people looking for work is a good phenomenon, the labor market still has room for further improvement, 180 thousand monthly job growth is very solid, long period is not sustainable. 5, Yellen: really worried about category limitations of monetary policy, there is a view of the interval of interest rates, each meeting have action, we in the November meeting will decide whether to have reason to raise interest rates. 6, Yellen: wage growth has been moderate to pick up, the results of the survey of income growth is generally gratifying, the unemployment rate is expected to decline further, hoping to further increase wages. 7, Yellen: we need to have a forward-looking, neutral inflation process has changed significantly in the last ten years, no one wants to return to the era of high inflation, but the lag effect of monetary policy has not fundamentally changed. 8, Yellen: the office of the Comptroller of the currency is in charge of the Wells Fargo Bank scandal, when the specific problems, hope the banking industry to respond as quickly as possible, hope bank rules, so that employees will abide by the law, did not think that large banks are too large to management. 9, Yellen: of course we are concerned about the commercial real estate bubble, high valuation, the stability of the banking industry has a substantial improvement on some large banks for pressure test; the current banking situation has improved. Yellen: federal fund interest rate path down 25-50 basis points, the federal funds rate path will change according to economic data, if the labor market growth, there is no new risk, will raise interest rates in 2016. By convention, her next press conference will be held after the December FOMC resolution. Paris, France: the Fed is more likely to raise interest rates in December, rather than impossible. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: