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The official website of FIFA praised Zhang Yuning: impressive future full of hope – Sports Sohu FIFA official website 12 match on September 6th Beijing time at -9 the morning of 7 August, Russia 2018 World Cup Asian zone qualifying round of 12 to start the second round of the competition, FIFA’s official website focused on 12 of the race course, and 6 in the free field said that a win, the game was analyzed, the FIFA website noted Chinese player Zhang Yuning, said Zhang Yuning’s impressive first shot will show a strong side, is a promising young player. When it comes to the Iraq war, FIFA’s official website said: "in Iran China got a draw, they keep alive preliminaries unbeaten, Queiroz’s team is the first in Asia, aggressive in the first half they let them take the initiative, the game did not score 17 foot shot. But the China team withstood the opponent’s attack, the second half, Gao Hongbo’s team of Zhang Xizhe and Wu Lei make a threat, but the final attack was the destruction of the Iran, eventually the two sides 0-0." FIFA’s official website that Zhang Yuning is the biggest highlight of this round of the competition, said in China drew 0-0 with Iran in the game, the young players Zhang Yuning impressive, FIFA’s official website said: "there are two promising young players impressed. Saeed Yizhatu was become Iran midfielder’s driver, while playing in Holland for the first team with Zhang Yuning China shots show his strong side." FIFA’s official website published an interview, the Iran coach Carlos Carlos said: "very disappointed and China drew 0-0 results, because we are to occupy the field active one, we need more opportunities. We want to play a defensive offensive football, but our opponents focus on defense, which brings us difficulties. It was a tough game." (radium and)相关的主题文章: