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For Silicon Valley, it is a bit more dangerous enemy – Sohu Langpu Technology Abstract: in the long term, the market capitalization of tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars in Internet giants, are required to give a discount, "Trump moment" to reflect these potential regulatory pressure, on the contrary, those in the Challenger, innovator status the company, or the traditional economic mode in the crowd, may obtain the corresponding "Trump moment" premium. The NASDAQ technology stocks plummeted yesterday as early as possible in some people’s expected — in the main sample from industrial, transportation and utilities of the Dow Jones index rose 1.17%, sampling from industrial, transportation, utilities and financial sector of the S & P 500 index rose 0.2%, the NASDAQ index fell 0.81% — after all technology stocks bull market has been maintained for a long time, the need to adjust at the same time, Kochi immigration and globalisation is Silicon Valley’s lifeline, but the market worried that Trump will impact the two lifeline. But for technology companies, a Trump and lack of fear, after all, in the United States is the real power of capitalism and the principle of separation of three powers, as long as the two core pillar is still valid, there is no reason to worry about the future of the industry of science and technology. But the real trouble may be that their value is likely to have been questioned. "Human history" and "future history" author authors · Professor Grali believes that it is "do the right thing" (liberal Ethics) and "smart" (capitalist economy) between the traditional joint disintegration, opened a "Trump moment", he believes that the cause of this situation is political the process of change failed to keep pace with the progress of science and technology, however, he believes that the further development of science and technology may provide a partial solution. For example, according to his vision, the development of artificial intelligence may provide a better education for everyone, to provide better prevention of obesity, and help more effectively reduce greenhouse gases, and the new development in the field of medicine will remove most of human diseases, and even aging, but the premise is that the technology industry must as soon as possible aware of their invention to society what it means, and began to think more from the perspective of social problems. It is too much emphasis on technological progress of industry of science and technology itself, while ignoring its social consequences, such as external capital massive injection of the Internet with the power of digestion in time and space, let the wealth and resources to a few Internet giants, whether you are willing to be involved in the wave of Globalization, and ultimately only a few countries and areas that have the ability to occupy a space for one person in the global industrial chain, while traditional industries due to the lack of venture capital favored by the traditional valuation models are also constrained, leaving them in a disadvantageous situation in the new economic competition. As a result, in the new economy is the traditional economic practitioners stride forward singing militant songs, mass unemployment, terrorism through the Internet to spread worldwide, and the technology industry are almost completely indifferent, at the same time, the transparency of information to let everyone know more truth, the world and in comparison to their situation produced more disillusionment, it is this disillusionment, so much.相关的主题文章: