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Foreign intelligence Chinese artisan Spirit — pulse technology — original title: how to build Chinese and foreign wisdom pulse artisan spirit Chinese artisan spirit, creating innovative culture? September 25th, Pujiang innovation forum, cultural forum, experts and scholars from China, Germany and the United Kingdom around the spirit of craftsman and innovative culture theme, given their own answers. Chinese academician, Academy of engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology President Li Peigen said: "the originality in my opinion, the way of innovation" in Middlebury, close to the people, in all worlds "in the subtle attention on the quality of life. We talk about the current manufacturing technologies, 4 industrial and industrial technology, but the skills and ingenuity in the most advanced technology in the home, it is worth considering." In the view of industrial economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences researcher Chinese academician, Jin Bei, "Chinese overall pragmatic, hard-working, and God will bring heavy gravity and light rational analysis for affordable and easy to use and not for the exquisite taste, that seeing is believing and underestimate the wisdom of science of software and hardware." Therefore, cultivating the spirit of modern artisans will be a long process. However, research fellow at the German Furlong Hoff Institute of systems and innovation Frisch Reina? The speaker has brought confidence to the Chinese audience: "world famous" made in Germany "is not innate, is not a part of the artisan spirit of German traditional culture. In the nineteenth Century to early twentieth Century, the reputation of "made in Germany" was not good." According to reports, the British government in 1887 promulgated the provisions of bill, domestic enterprises must sign the sale of goods of origin, to remind consumers to beware of mainly from Germany, cheap and low quality products. Until 1920s, cottage is still popular in Germany, such as the German Opel because of plagiarism, the French Citroen car, the latter sued. However, the German government to shame, starting from the higher education and occupation education, covering the standardized assessment of the country, effectively enhance the education level and occupation skill application technology. In addition, the German product certification system, the establishment of consumer rights protection law, but also contributed to the current German manufacturing". Made in China into China’s wisdom made, in the end what is missing? We need to train more and better "great powers"". As the Volkswagen workers technical experts Xu Xiaoping to practice, Chinese craftsmen hand to learn to master the importance of data in Germany; on the other hand to learn from traditional culture, pay attention to "feel" the intuitive judgment. Xu Xiaoping in the factory apprentice, master let him from "do" a kind of technology, so he spent two years to learn the craft. In the 90s of last century, he went to Germany to study, there is a master to learn the flame straightening bearings, the master gave him a data table, which shows all the data indicators of this process. He took a step by step according to the form and took two hours to learn. "At that time, I admire the German master, I think the acquisition of data is too important." But now, Xu Xiaoping think data collection is important, but the Chinese teachers pay attention to the feeling is also important in some occasions. For example, he said, SAIC Volkswagen a machine tool after the issue of German workers相关的主题文章: