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Fu Huan: selected for the national football teammates hope to show the best side of credit training – Sohu Lippi in a 25 foot sports official as Zheng Zhicao Yun selected morning news reporter Yu Jiong yesterday afternoon, people are concerned about a new squad was finally released. Italy coach Lippi chose 25 players, it is worth mentioning that Guangzhou Hengda 7 people selected to become the international big port and the two branch of Shanghai Shenhua club in Shanghai on a total of 6 people were selected, including Fu Huan and Cao Yunding became the new face of foot. Lippi in his office conference said that this time the training, and Qatar’s World Cup Asian zone qualifying round of 12, he will be Hengda players as the main team. Sure enough Hengda four guards Feng Xiaoting, Mei Fang, and the list of the top of the list, and in addition, there is also a veteran of the United States and the United States, as well as the veteran, as well as the love of the return of the state of the foot of the war, as well as the Chinese side of the war, as well as in the presence of the United States and the United States and other countries, as well as the defender of the guards. It seems that Qatar and the game, the national team should be the starting lineup Hengda players sing. The performance of the season the green Shenhua midfielder Cao Yun finally got the call of the national team, is a popular choice. Shanghai port based on the original four players Yu Hai, Wu Lei, Cai Huikang and Yan Junling, there are couples enrolled. He is the right hand guard this season. The Hong Kong team has become the second major international training. In fact, Lippi taught at a time when the Guangzhou Hengda has been eyeing the huge potential of Fu Huan, even Hengda has a bid, but also out of the high salary for the teenager. But in the end, Fu Huan chose to stay on the team, continue to play the club since his childhood effectiveness. Now, after Lippi’s return to Chinese, finally to the national football coach Fu Huanzhao’s identity will be recorded in the. For his first time in the country, Fu Huan said he was on Sunday night to get the news, he was informed of the Li Tie. As a player, of course, Fu Huan is looking forward to the national team, but he said that even if not selected will continue to work hard. Fu Huan also thanked the club and his teammates for help, "I feel very lucky, thanks to the coach’s trust. Also thanks to the club and the team on the team, especially Sun Xiang, these big brothers, can be selected to have their credit. The first time out of the country, to work hard, to show their best side out." Also worth mentioning is that the delineation of the Lippi list, renhang four field 12 match has been playing the main are excluded. Any aircraft because the transfer disputes, the race has not participated in the second half of the season, the club, this should be the main reason why he failed. The other goalkeeper, Lippi replaced the mistakes in the match in Syria and Gu Chao Wang Dalei, the Shandong Luneng goalkeeper to re-enter the country full list, Lippi is still visible on the position of the goalkeeper value if the players have enough experience in competition.相关的主题文章: