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G20 is injected into the "China power" — Finance — people.com.cn original title: G20 the world economy into the world economy into the "G20 summit China power Chinese held Jianxingjianjin, from the media reports, the core issue of common concern of scholars is still the global economic growth. In this regard, Renmin University of China Chongyang Institute of finance executive dean Wang Wen said, Chinese is the locomotive of global growth, the world should re-examine the Chinese experience, some reform measures Chinese worth learning, "Chinese annual contribution to global economic growth rate of over 30%, the highest point reaching 50%. Even if China is facing downward pressure on the economy, is still pulling the locomotive of global economic growth." China has played a more and more important role in stabilizing the global growth forecast and stabilizing the financial market." Huatai Securities senior macroeconomic analyst Song Xuetao in an interview with the Securities Daily reporters. Song Xuetao pointed out that, first, the steady growth of the economy itself is Chinese stable global growth is expected to continue. According to the World Bank estimates, in 2015 China’s economic growth contribution to global economic growth rate reached 26.1%, ranking first in the world. The GDP annual growth rate of 10% of the era of the past, but the growth rate of about 6% is still in rapid growth in global growth generally slowed, if China can maintain such a growth rate, it is Dinghaishenzhen global economic growth. Secondly, China’s future to maintain high growth can be expected." Song Xuetao believes that from the surface, inflation, employment, international trade balance are at a reasonable level, monetary and fiscal policy means compared to low interest rates (negative interest rates), high deficit countries have greater leeway; a deeper look, although the economy is facing structural problems, but the supply side reforms, the reform of state-owned enterprises, high-end manufacturing the development of a series of measures such as being steadily; the problem of aging population is increasing, but its negative impact is long and slow; so the future of the economy does not have Chinese stall down conditions, rapid growth period keeping in Reng Ke. Song Xuetao concluded that the chastened financial market increasingly mature. Sharp fluctuations in the stock market last year Chinese alert investors and management, the lessons and growth in many aspects; the exchange rate reform after the turmoil in financial markets make the decision-makers aware of the importance of market expectations and the role of effective communication with the market. China’s financial markets will become more mature after a lot of experience, will contribute to the stability of the global financial markets. (: Sun Yang, commissioning editor Yang Xi)相关的主题文章: