Gamblers stealing more than 130 yuan aunt squandered gambling was sentenced to prison for ten

Gamblers stealing more than 130 yuan of aunt gambling squandered sentenced to prison for ten years – Kunming, November (Xinhua) – (Liu Wenjun) a gambler for gambling, theft of more than $130 of his aunt’s extravagance, and therefore violated the law. Yunnan Xishuangbanna intermediate people’s Court 1, 2009, the court sentenced him to imprisonment for theft for ten years and fined $50000. It was found that in September 7, 2012, the defendant Tan Moumou accompanied by his aunt (victim Huang Moumou) to the Bank of China Agricultural Bank of China Luo Luo branch of the deposit business, that the sum of the amount of Agricultural Bank of China card deposit and password. The next day, Tan Moumou in Burma Meng Village, Raman Huang Moumou rented room in the theft of bank card and ID card, Huang Moumou after the Sino Burmese border near the entry path to China 219 markers of Agricultural Bank of China branch Daluo port by way of transfer to steal 110000 yuan deposit, the bank card and ID card back. In October 2012, Huang Moumou in Burma Meng Village will be building the Raman ABC card to his father back home in Qiyang County of Hunan province by the mother Shen Moumou custody. Tan Moumou heard the news that Hunan back home from his grandmother Shen Moumou home, stolen card. The same year in October 14th to August 26, 2013 period, the defendant Tan Moumou as to the Burma Mengla gambling has been stealing the bank card deposit 1252259 yuan. December 10, 2015, the defendant Tan Moumou in Yunnan, Jinghong, a car beauty center was arrested by the police. The court held that the defendant Tan Moumou stealing bank card and stealing card totaling 1362259 yuan RMB, while its justice after obtain the understanding of victims, but his behavior constituted theft, and a huge amount of theft. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the criminal law of People’s Republic of China, the court made the decision in accordance with the law. (end)相关的主题文章: