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Exercise Glisodin Skin Nutrients Explained What is the nature of beauty? There are those who say the beauty comes from within, but cosmetic surgery actually does things on the surface of the skin and restores the body from outside the body. You can’t have it both ways, or can you? I’m Dr. Barry Lycka, Edmonton Dermatologist – and I say you can. Introducing GliSODin Skin Nutrients, G.S.N. as it’s called. It’s a revolutionary range of nutricosmetics which improve your skin’s health and looks from within. I found out about this a few months ago, and my staff and I had been experimenting with it. And we found out that it works pretty well. As with most nutrients, you take them by mouth. A daily dose makes a difference within weeks. You will notice fewer lines and wrinkles, less redness and blemishes, more energy and a youthful radiance, which its devotees call the ‘GliSODin glow!’ This is what my patients tell me, my staff tells me and we have become converts to this. The star ingredient is S.O.D. (Super Oxide Dismutase). We all have this antioxidant in our bodies. It fights toxins and the cellular damage caused by free radicals. As we age, our bodies produce less S.O.D. and it shows. Now, science has found a way to extract S.O.D. from cantaloupe melons. One GliSODin enzyme can neutralize up to a million free radicals whereas one ‘Superfood’ molecule can only neutralize up to one free radical. So, as you can see, this is much more powerful. The clever thing about GliSODin is that it helps improve the results of cosmetic surgery and other medical treatments. Each of the five formulations combines GliSODin with other natural ingredients to target specific benefits. For example, the advance pre and post formula contains things such as lemon balm, gotu kola seeds and maritime pine bark to speed up the recovery time, boost immune system, reduce swelling and bruising and assist in wound healing. This is what we use before and after most cosmetic surgery procedures to get a better result. There is also an advanced slimming formula, which team GliSODin with seaweed and green coffee extract to stimulate fat loss, promote lean muscle and complement body-contouring treatments. So this is the perfect add on to things like liposuction and the brand new ‘Coolsculpting’. The advance detoxification formula with berries, milk thistle and broccoli seed rejuvenates your skin leaving it with a cleaner, smoother complexion and naturally prepares your body for weight loss treatments. The advanced skin brightening formula with tomato, borage seed oil and citrus helps repair skin damage caused by exposure to sun, supports healing and enhances the results of laser skin resurfacing procedures. The advanced antiaging formula with red clover, coco and krill oil, hydrates and nourishes the skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by boosting your body’s natural antioxidant system. Each of these formulas brings out your inner beauty in a unique and totally natural way, and it shows in the unmistakable GliSODin glow. But, which product or combination is right for you and how well do they complement the chosen cosmetic medical treatment? That is where you need professional advice. In fact, the GliSODin range is only available from medical practitioners. If you would like some more information on GliSODin, please call Phoenix Renewal Centre (Medi Spa Edmonton) on (780) 424-8885. You have it in you to be more beautiful. Why wait? This information has been created as part of the Your Cosmetic Doctor Information Series. About the Author: Edmonton based cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Barry Lycka is a recognized North American expert in cosmetic, laser, reconstructive and liposuction surgery. Whatever your cosmetic problem, he would love to help you with it, and provide as much useful information as he can in the process. For more information on Dr Barry Lycka, cosmetic surgery procedures, or to signup for a FREE copy of Dr Lyckas’ special report: 6 Proven Methods On How To Look And Feel Younger In 30 Days’ please visit or for more information on Glisodin nutricosmetics visit Medi Spa Edmonton Phoenix Renewal Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Exercise 相关的主题文章: