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Gossip secret: after turning off mobile phone to read the novel will be blind? Source: Baidu know the phone has become an indispensable communication tool in everyday life. With the addition of various features of smart phones, people have become increasingly dependent on a small cell phone can complete the functions of various media. However, many media have repeatedly reported the threat of mobile phones for people’s vision, the most common is that some students use mobile phones in the night after the lights turn to play games, novels, etc., resulting in eye damage. So, this argument is justified? First of all, let’s take a look at the principle of seeing things. The eyeball is an important organ that changes the light signal into electrical signal and then to the brain. Why can we see color? Human beings have a light-sensitive cells called cones, generally divided into three types: S type, M type and L type, respectively, corresponding to blue, green, red light, and our mobile phone screen is not the same? By the way, when three types of cells are stimulated to produce different responses to the brain, we can see things. Second, let’s look at the way the eyes are hurt. The damage of light to the eyes can be divided into two types: light energy and photochemical damage. Heat and light damage, as the name implies, is a sharp rise in temperature caused by the sun, such as the summer to look at the midday sun, or with a lens to illuminate their own eyes. This kind of things besides masochistic tendencies were afraid no one will do? We encounter the glare of the day will be closed directly or covered by the eyes, then the phone? In the darkness at the mobile phone, the light intensity is not strong, we can imagine the fluorescence in the dark bar, just a tiny spots. And our eyes have the ability to adapt to the light and dark, just contact with the dark when you can not see things, after a while you can see the fuzzy. Therefore, we can not judge the intensity of light from the subjective to consider. The daily life of the lighting source, sunlight intensity is much better than the phone, so this article PASS. Well, the rest is photochemical damage. Using a cell phone in the dark to read novels, whether it will cause photochemical damage? In fact, photochemical damage requires long-term accumulation, especially short wavelength blue light damage, such as age-related macular degeneration. However, the blue wavelength of LED mobile phone backlight panel at 460 nm, which belongs to the blue light wavelength is long, relatively speaking, more short wavelength light in sunlight, if the mobile phone can cause damage to the eyes, we live every day in the sun is not more dangerous? That is not to say that using a mobile phone to read the novel has no danger of anything going wrong? In fact, the majority of children are short-sighted, often with incorrect habits are related. For example, long time reading novels, using a mobile phone to play the game, cause eye fatigue; some even if parents blame and secretly watching in the nest, the posture is not correct, close eyes, this is the hidden danger caused damage to the eyes. To sum up, the use of mobile phones to read the novel does not directly cause harm to the eyes, and now there is not enough examples to prove this view. Bad habits of the eye are the source of evil..相关的主题文章: