Guangzhou auto show on the ten big gossip, the most distressed Nissan – Sohu car aizi

Guangzhou auto show on the ten big gossip, the most distressed Nissan – Sohu auto show this year, the Guangzhou auto show absolutely lively, with whom? Of course, with last year’s Guangzhou auto show! Deer little sister also clearly remember last year, Daniel Wu did not come, I am white, such as half an hour! I missed it when Fan Bingbing came. Hu Ge? I even may sovereign shadow not captured, this is probably the reason why I can’t dominate the political arena…… How do I have wrong? Tell me who you are loud, go to a car? What is to look at the! How should I give you a show superior, see Bing Bing’s sister and I! Dongfeng Renault (Hall 2.1): Fan Ye ~ is here again, around the Fan Ye is not me, they are the leadership of Dongfeng renault! I this small attendant only in the following pictures. Last year, fan ye came, was wearing leather, that is! This year, probably because of Li Chen, blue dress shows a small woman charming. Actually, it’s quite right! Keleijia released last year at the Guangzhou auto show, coincides with the first anniversary of the Koleos came. Bing Bing sister this dress just to illustrate the ideals of Renault, designed for families to build. Maybe buy Renault really can harvest happiness! After all, Reynolds models can reflect a person’s unique aesthetic view, the same aesthetic people together and only three. The Great Wall (4.1): not the same man. Although there is no Fan Bingbing beauty, don’t lose heart, at least, he has more money than you, Wei Jianjun! Don’t know where the old Wei offend you, someone must be Tucao WEY brand from surname is not good, probably jealous people rich and domineering. The front, Audi this lincolnesque headlights, what also don’t say, I just want to know you, Wei total, muffled to four years of black technology when we look at? The WEY brand is actually released yesterday in the "night of the Great Wall", the show time and separate the Harvard brand to high-end, it is not the same, but it is next to lincoln…… Lincoln: "WEY, why are you studying me?" Chevrolet (3.2 Hall): emancipated serfs sing. This year is not the "Buick night"? General Chevrolet finally let alone again, Kerr Witt, Ke Mailuo, the new Cruze hatchback, the new Cruze, Kewozi, Silverado, Suoluode geochemical community, khroad Colorado and so on, Chevrolet is the family property have bright clean. Chevrolet is today to show their moment, thanks to years of hard work and don’t give up, the perfect interpretation of the "dream of the future," · think is very inspirational, so you see the deer sister writing is not much more careful than before? But on the other hand, perhaps because Buick did not push a new car…… No, at the Guangzhou motor show Buick unveiled a new concept of Velite energy vehicles, 1.5L engine maximum power 73kW, with the motor composed of a range of plug-in hybrid system, which I wear appearance! Skoda (Hall 6.1): the public, you have today! There is also a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment of Skoda,.相关的主题文章: