Guiyang is so big, people will not control this store!! – and Sohu gamelink

Guiyang is so big, people will not control this shop!! – Sohu and Guiyang are said to be the owner of the store for fifteen years from the handyman dry to the well-known catering chef said the boss by unfair means (delicious!) Seduce a beautiful daughter-in-law is also said to have a "stimulant" so that we can not sleep for 365 days, a small series of moments full of vitality! ?? (feel shy may open the wrong way, and this is a woman to see the normal performance of delicacy) will be featured 01 fans who say idiotic idiotic powder no connotation youth not love who one or two stars, but the reason is divided into positive energy and I Curve Wrecker this idiotic anthomaniac powder type, though I am dumbass who but the idiotic powder no brain have no temperament connotation! I have you believe it or not! So to see the menu in the first seconds must be a idiotic fans Memorial I lost youth! Such a small silver paper bowl of brain, tofu, vermicelli, minced meat, connotation and Yan visible value, is almost a staff of star of a single product! Forced grilled shrimp 02 can not cover up the fresh such shape called the Fan Bingbing barbecue, eating barbecue instant force can raise a lot when I saw it on the table, anyway, I know how to name this ~ and fans with different idiotic meat is to force the grid grilled shrimp is pure garlic. But even if the garlic flavor is very strong also can not cover up the fresh shrimp meat, eat mouth can feel fresh and sweet and brittle taste. Baked cuttlefish 03 real secret sauce exploding general I will not eat barbecue taste seafood, but taste the fresh grilled shrimp after I added another firm not seen cuttlefish, this fresh touch is not because I have really touched forever! But remember not to brush the barbecue sauce, eat seafood taste the most delicious feeling itself, and roasted cuttlefish bite also explosion pulp, super fresh experience! 04 absolute selection of fresh pork pork with fresh black pig flower meat to roast, frozen meat is not absolute pressure machine, eat barbecue here is worried about the food safety problems, but the boss has always adhered to the first second ingredients, health, taste the concept of business of this shop! Meat sausage 01 elite Guizhou five I am not genuine goods at a fair price to eat sweet intestine will be the death star, but often eat barbecue to eat sweet sausage people of letinous edodes, can feel tired out of the sky I believe many people are caught, but in the intestinal sweet garden barbecue is the Guizhou household Guizhou five sweet sausage, so can be assured to eat, or familiar taste! In 02 a secret treasure walking delicacy is actually most palm sized chicken feet in the middle of it a piece of meat, a little extra no mouth to eat every bite is too brittle to hear the echoes in the back of the head, whether love to eat meat as long as a taste of love should be like feeling! No meat is not a good vegetable vegetables B grill eggplant 01 a high value of food is different from the previous food相关的主题文章: