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Hangzhou 1 half finished apartment owners direct delivery delay tents to live in Hangzhou (Photos) half finished apartment owners directly on the delayed delivery of tents for the window is not installed, the site is a large site, no electricity, no property, but there have been many households to buy mineral water, with flashlights and candles a simple bed, put up the tent, and went to live there. This is sad picture, occurred in the Hangzhou District of Yuhang city Home Furnishing Yifeng building materials City phase three billion SOHO apartment. Why hundreds of millions of SOHO apartment owners, "are still not quite into this blank even a bar to the apartment? Spend a lot of money to buy new houses, according to the contract at the end of September this year to complete the final delivery, why not in such a decent way "home"? In the face of late delivery of the new premises, developers and what response? Water and electricity all over the apartment building rubbish they camped in the apartment across the water and electricity construction waste billion SOHO apartment is located in Hangzhou District of Yuhang ancient Pier Road extension, a total of two buildings, adjacent to the blue Yifeng County District, a few hundred meters away is around Hangzhou gouzhuang exchange, developers for the Zhejiang Yifeng Investment limited. Yesterday morning, the money newspaper reporter came to the scene, two blue walls of the 18 storey building greets billboard "billion, the roof space". Through the gap site Weidang inside, the eye is the scene of a construction has not been completed: surface disposal of building materials and architectural garbage, not with bare concrete exterior wall tiles. Along one aisle into a million SOHO, find the dark stairs, open mobile phone flashlight, bypassing the concrete blocks scattered, the money newspaper reporter by observation, found to the third floor of a pattern as a business, a hand-held elevator, more than four buildings for residential use, every 27 households, with 40 to 60 square meters of large-sized apartment, all floors are in the state of the construction is not completed. On the 7 floor, the money newspaper reporter met with mr.. My father is 65 years old this year, my mother is 60 years old, the old couple mouth is not very good, in 2014 to see the opening of the market, the price is not too expensive, probably about 40 to spend $about 200000. Elevator room, I would like to buy a small point to the old two pension." Mr. Zhang is a bus driver, "hard to want to give parents to improve life, who can expect the final with them in hardship." Because there is no electricity to run the elevator, the Uncle Zhang and his wife climbed rickety stairs for more than and 20 minutes, to reach the seven floor. "I’m going to work, and I have to take care of the kids. My parents are going to stay here tonight." Mr. Zhang cleaned up the concrete in the room yesterday morning and put on a damp proof pad in the corner. "They are saying that the developer is going bankrupt, and we are worried that the house will be taken away, and for the sake of insurance, move in and live." Mr. Zhang’s mother sighed. Originally scheduled for September delivery of the house exactly what the problem has not yet completed the house, some of the owners have put up tents and other people to stay in Jiande this year, 45 year old Mr. Fang is the owner of the building on the ground floor, from October to.相关的主题文章: