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Harvard H6 there are 85 models? No wonder sell so well [Abstract] with lanbiao H6 listed, Harvard H6 family is currently in production to sales in the optional car has reached an alarming 63. Coupled with the suspension in the sale version, it is up to 85! Super saturation coverage has become one of the important reasons for selling H6, then this tactic can go far? If you mention Chinese brand best-selling "car", the Great Wall’s Harvard H6 (ginseng, pictures, in which the inevitable inquiry). The contribution of the Great Wall about half of sales of "pet", why can in the domestic sales of the top SUV years? The industry has different opinions. The day before the H6 product line update, let us again appreciate its "tactical" shock. 85 cars: H6 selling secrets? In October 10th, 2017 lanbiao hover H6 sport market, price 109 thousand and 800 -14.08 million. The new car is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, matching 6MT, 6AT transmission; diesel version of the "green static" 2.0T turbocharged diesel engine matching 6MT gearbox, a total of 10 car options. So far, just count the H6 label, H6 Couple, 2016 models H6 models upgraded version and H6 version of the red label campaign, H6 family is currently in production in the optional models pin has reached a staggering 63! And plus production models sold in the market to buy, Harvard a total of H6 reached a staggering 85. Among them, the Harvard H6 2016 1.5T, 22; 2016 2.0T, 6; 2017 2.0T blue label, 12; 2016 2.0T diesel engine, 6; plus Coupe Harvard H6 2016 1.5T, 4; 2016 2.0T green Jing, 6; 2015 2.0T, 7. The lineup is so broad that it means that consumers have more choices. For example, if the consumer’s budget Car Buying million in 11-12, Harvard H6 alternative models had as many as 12. Consumers can buy 2016 H6 upgraded version of the country’s emissions of 1.5T manual two drive city type, the H6 red label sports version of the 1.5T manual two drive distinguished type, the H6 upgrade version of the country’s 5 emissions of 1.5T manual two drive elite, and so on, and so on in the. Even at the same price, there are two cars can choose, each have a selling point. For example, 2017 red label sport 1.5T AWD elite, and 2017 blue sports version of 1.5T manual two drive distinguished type guide price of 115 thousand and 800 yuan. The former is more real-time and multi plate clutch type differential system, more emphasis on cross-country ability; the latter has the anti glare rearview mirror, sensing wipers, and increased the head curtain airbags, better safety performance. If the horizontal comparison, it is not difficult to find the number of cars like Harvard H6 far more than the same level of competing products, such as GAC trumpchi GS4 optional only 12 models, 10 models Geely bullyear, Tiggo (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) 7 is only 9. Even with the Harvard H6 total sales close to the other "car", the car number.相关的主题文章: