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He issued a response: Feng Lun why you forced me to say he issued a response: Feng Lun why you forced me to say Chinese editor’s note: the pioneer of private enterprises out of prison, Feng Lun wrote about the article who used again in the circle of friends circulated. He now put in prison writing articles published in response to this, to readers. Source: association of Mu prison walls, the more difficult. In November 5th, he read the "Chinese entrepreneur" magazine published in December. On Feng Lun’s article: "Mu". To scold much, especially after two times the whole society is mobilized and also much stronger bones. The river ran over, on the eve of the third rehabilitated, and then formed a few pieces of sediment, it does not matter. The first time in the whole society is in the cultural revolution, due to the organization of the Marx doctrine research association, who co wrote "where to go to China? "That violated the laws. Not only was taken to the detention center, Sichuan provincial Revolutionary Committee also imitate group of "571 project" of Lin’s model, a document to a production brigade organization, the revolutionary masses criticized me every day. The "Sichuan daily" on almost every day is full page full page critique of the article, Chengdu people’s South Pavilion (commonly known as long live Hall) held the "Marx doctrine of" counter revolutionary crime exhibition, Emei film studio and a film feature film "evils", public screening in theaters throughout the country, the situation for the spectacular comfort. The second time of the whole society and it soon, did not put out the aftermath. It was the third time in my life that I was in prison. The second scale compares favorably with the first. According to an article published in a newspaper in Chongqing, there are hundreds of media, thousands of articles and books, I have been criticized for several years. The second criticism, like the first one, was organized. The first is the "Gang of four", the second is the "10000 word book". The difference is that the first time to participate in the criticism of the people are the orders, this time in the media criticism and the author, had been murdered, someone fell into the designed trap. In fact, they are also opposed to the "million words of the book" on the reform and opening up the challenge of the road, commonly known as the Liangshan brothers fight – do not know. The estimated future is "again". About me and "ten thousand words book" that private entrepreneurs is a new bourgeoisie debate, is not the purpose of this article. Moreover, the central organization has been investigated, the conclusion is that some of the personal attacks, so here is not introduced. If readers are interested, welcome to the website (URL: Ferdinand, and Xia Zongwei in the Sina name registration personal blog), we have 1997 in September 24th this year, "Economic Observer" published "who used" and "phenomenon: 10000 word book" in the relevant materials, in there. So, to scold too much, next to the super cursed too much, also summed up a set of how to scold: "experience is not judge by yourself, listen to praise or blame, and safety in numbers." Let’s go and say. Otherwise, early cerebral blood perfusion, qijueshenwang. But, Feng Lun相关的主题文章: