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High speed rail travel and then add convenience! Nanjing departure, all the way to eat Xiangyang! Sohu – tourism in Nanjing in September 16th to Xiangyang EMU officially operation in Nanjing to Xiangyang only 6 hours and the adjusted figure increased in southern Nanjing – Xiangyang D3084 3 1 pairs of EMU trains (fare for a 306 yuan, 256 yuan, two seat) by Handan, Rong Ning line running after Nanjing to Xiangyang train the fastest also need 10 hours after the opening of the motor car, to Xiangyang just 6 hours. To open EMU line as follows: Xiangyang – Nanjing South D3084: Xiangyang originating 9:10, via Jujube, Suizhou, Hankou, Jinzhai, Lu’an, Hefei, Hefei, South East, South to the end of the Nanjing 15:10. Nanjing, South Xiangyang D3083 times: South of 15:50, Nanjing, Quanjiao, Hefei, South, Lu’an, Jinzhai, Hankou, Suizhou,, 21:57 to Xiangyang. Xiangyang how to play? Here is the introduction of the Xiangyang raiders. About the best tourist season in Xiangyang, food, shopping, accommodation, history and culture, together with a look at it. Xiangyang is a prefecture level city located in the northwest of Hubei Province, China. The cultural relics of the period are identified in the more than and 200 cities, and some of them are the most famous in the world. Today Xiangyang is famous in the world history of the profound cultural heritage, and the development of automobile manufacturing, aerospace equipment and other high-tech industries, "new harmony" has become the city’s most prominent features. Best season April -10 month best. Winter is cold and rainy, warm and humid in spring, hot and rainy in summer, cool and dry in autumn. Climatic characteristics of general environmental climate is cold in winter, sustained low temperature freezing rain and snow disaster; however, many local severe convective weather; cold summer strong rains, high temperature and little rain fall disaster. Xiangfan is a subtropical monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 15 – 16 degrees Celsius, the annual rainfall of about 1000 mm, with China’s north and South transitional climate characteristics. Xiangyang tourism has rich human resources and natural landscape. Here is the birthplace of the important birthplace of Yan Shen, Han river goddess myths and legends and the Han Dynasty emperor Liu Xiu, a national key cultural relics protection peculiar shape of the Buddha, known as "the first Chinese city" the most wide moat. Zhu Geliang in Xiangyang for 10 years long Gonggeng, Liu Bei "Sangumaolu" story took place here. The ancient battlefield of Xiangyang is also the history of the literati poet feudal lords vying for the throne, wheree, gave birth to the Chu poet Song Yu, statesman Wu Zixu during the Warring States period, the Tang Dynasty poet Meng Haoran, Zhang Jihe, Du song calligrapher Mi Fu and so the famous literati, the poetry of Li Bai, the great poet Du Fu left the historical leaders of Yangzhou. Through the ages and famous poems. Li Bai in the "Xiangyang song" in the poem wrote: "Xiangyang picnicky, dance paktong di. Jiangcheng back to the green water, on the fan". Xiangyang delicious Xiangyang is located in the north of Hubei, close to the Central Plains region, the style of eating by the Central Plains region, belonging to the Northern Hubei flavor. The people of the area is Sichuan spicy, almost all the dishes.相关的主题文章: