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Home appliance "crossover"   play more hi – home appliances — people.com.cn original title: home appliances "crossover" play more hi GREE Dong Mingzhu and millet Lei Jun "1 billion bet on" we are still impressive. The day before, the external focus once again falls in the former. The day before, GREE announced the acquisition of Bank of Zhuhai 13 billion yuan to become the focus of attention of the outside world – long – is following the mobile phone after the general began to build electric cars? In this regard, Dong Mingzhu said in an interview that the value is not a car, but silver long battery. GREE is not only active mergers and acquisitions. From the beginning of this year, the United States, Haier and other domestic white giant also acquired in different fields. Industry analysts believe that, in the case of sustained downturn in the home appliance industry, accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions, the establishment of intelligent ecology, the domestic white electricity companies in the next period of time means of transformation. GREE saw the battery recently, GREE chairman Dong Mingzhu once again become the focus of outside attention — GREE to 13 billion yuan valuation of the acquisition of shares issued silver long, after the completion of the transaction, GREE will hold 100% stake in Zhuhai long silver. Following the acquisition of GREE mobile phone, silver long, the future is to make cars? In this regard, Dong Mingzhu recently in the media conference, said, "GREE is not fancy car, but if your battery, GREE battery R & D, even 5 to 8 years, invested 10 billion may not be able to have the effect. At the meeting, Dong Mingzhu also talked about the views of electric vehicles that pure electric vehicles is the direction of future development of new energy vehicles. Although Dong Mingzhu has repeatedly denied the repairer. However, the reporter learned that the first SUV has long silver display production base in Zhuhai, and at the end of September sales. Expected in 2017, silver long new energy products, large and medium buses to reach 16000 units, passenger car 10000, SUV, modified logistics passenger car 5000, charging pile of 2350 units. By 2020, the passenger car program reached 200000 units, accounting for nearly 6 of its total production of new energy products. With the presence of GREE, this low-key new energy companies by outside attention. According to the new energy Co., Ltd. Zhuhai silver chairman Wei Yincang said silver long from the upper reaches of the battery material to the middle reaches of the battery, and then to the lower reaches of the vehicle and energy storage systems have been mass production. The Zhuhai long silver lithium titanate battery core technology, GREE is not only able to quickly cut into the new energy electric vehicles, is more important in the energy business can accomplish much. Dong Mingzhu said: "if only for the repairer, in order to" the next one hundred billion ", the GREE and silver long cooperation is blind." Lithium ion battery is the core technology is the key to its long moving. In the context of the mobile Internet and intelligence, the traditional home appliances cross-border car is expected. As early as 2014, the domestic Internet companies as early as the official announcement of the SEE program, and start the music as a super car project. In April this year, the Beijing auto show, the first concept car LeSEE debut. The day before, following the music car factory in Zhejiang, and plans to build eco car town news is confirmed. Foreign media to shoot Farad相关的主题文章: