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How do families make children? Look at the Nobel laureate Bob Dylan knew the Nobel prize for literature yesterday – Sohu maternal lottery, when he learned that this year’s Nobel prize winner Bob Dylan, moonlight publishing circle of friends are crazy, especially those in published literature mainly press, editors are going crazy. Everyone before the lottery betting, a popular figure before they are desperate to get optimistic about their own copyright, look at these hot list and win the prize in the Gambling company and their odds who can expect the final awards actually main identity is for the singer, and predict the odds even before ten didn’t reach the Bob · Dylan. Ah?! Feel the editor of an old friend blood spray out ah! This is the Nobel prize for literature, not a Grammy? The most direct consequence of this unexpected upset is the work of Bob Dylan has not a book published in china!! Now the country can see is Bob’s autobiography, which is one of the highest value of Yan Zai’s father, Guangxi Normal University publishing house oh! Because of this relationship, so I reviewed the contents of the book for the first time yesterday, but also in his father and his colleagues all night work overtime, to learn more information about Bob Dylan. Through his introduction and award experience, I feel very sigh. He’s a winner in life. The world’s highest honor to get soft, and do not let a person envy? As an actor, he won the Oscar award, as a singer, he got Grammy, as a writer, he won the highest honor scholar writer Nobel, and news of the highest honor Pulitzer prize! In addition, he also won the Kennedy Center Honors, Asturias Prince award, the French legion of honor knight, etc.. Not only will sing, will write, he is also very good at drawing, now 75 years old, his paintings are still high yield, paintings in the official website of the price is 2000 euros up and down. What kind of life is the hang of such an outstanding achievement!! We always say "don’t let the children lose in the starting line", many parents in order to cultivate the child into an outstanding talent to the children reported a lot of interest classes. I know a lot of children, while learning 10 interest classes abound. I understand these Wangzichenglong parents attitude, however, can really develop that make children more outstanding? How did you get the hang of life? Today, we follow Bob Dylan’s growth experience together to see how such an outstanding character of childhood, what are the methods we can learn from the children! Dylan was born in May 24, 1941, this is a Jewish family, his father mother extroverted and introverted, boring, mother family has engaged in entertainment relatives, a cinema, and a radio station. Dylan’s mother versatile, good at playing, under the influence of her mother, Dylan grew up in love music, good performance. Home, relatives and other places will become his stage. His first official performance was in the mother’s Day celebration相关的主题文章: