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Beauty The line from the nursery rhyme how does your garden grow is very analogous to how does your hair grow. Use the same mindset when thinking of how a garden grows, it runs parallel to the way hair grows, how well it grows is completely a result of what is happening underground. Hair grows in three different cycles; anagen, catagen, and telogen. The anagen is the growth phase, and just about 90% of the hair on the head is in this stage, this can last anywhere from two to eight years. We then find the catagen, or transition phase, will typically last two to three weeks, during this period the hair follicle shrinks, and the resting period for the hair is the telogen cycle, which lasts around two to four months. The hair is growing for the majority of time it is on the scalp, and only about 10% of the strands are in transition or resting at any one time, thus hair grows about six inches a year for most people. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, most people lose anywhere from 50 to 100 strands of hair each day, and on hair wash days the loss can be up to 250 strands, but still this should not stop you washing your hair in an attempt to keep the hair, just use a quality shampoo for your hair type, to avoid shampooing will not make any difference to the fall out. If you are prone to having bad hair days, the problem might be because you have damaged hair. This of course is not a life-or-death situation, nevertheless no one wants to go through life with damaged hair, it can set the tone of the sort of day you are going to have and can put you in a bad mood. All is not lost as there are hair treatments on the market to treat damaged hair. There are many things that can damage hair, chemicals perm or dye, very hot blow drying, extensions and swimming in chlorine, and because many women are exposed to at least one of these hair-weakening conditions, damage to the hair is inevitable. To prevent damaged hair the solution is simple, deep condition your hair by using really good quality conditioners, apply to the hair and do not wash out immediately, there are conditioners on the market that can be left in overnight and washed out the next morning with a gentle shampoo, or even use a leave in conditioner. Quality hair products are essential and you will know yourself if you have chosen well, your hair will feel great, easy to comb, not be flyaway, and your scalp not dry and itchy after shampooing, and a spokesman for Fabriah professional hair products online said yes quality is everything and the product has to be fit for purpose, the consumer must use the right hair care products for their particular type of hair, we stock top or the range hair products, and address every eventuality that crops up with the care of hair, we can offer the customer products for cold protection, sun damage recovery, products for blondes, brunettes, and have a huge selection of gift ideas including our fabulous hair straighteners, also many special offers. To ensure healthy hair, the right hair products, and a good nutritional diet will all play their part, so make the right choices. For further information visit: .fabriah.. or visit their Facebook page for 60% off their Sale products. Alternatively follow them on Twitter. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: