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UnCategorized Wedding cakes have many functions during marriage ceremonies. They often assume the role of a centerpiece item on wedding tables. When large enough, they become center pieces for the entire reception hall itself. For video and photography purposes, they can be placed in lighted areas to become background pieces for shots to be taken during the reception program. These are why these types of cakes are important for wedding feasts and should be chosen with considerations. First, the color of the cake should match the overall theme of the event itself. Even the wedding cake design must reflect other details of the place. An example will be decorations such as flowers petals. These should be the same as those flowers used for the wedding at one point or another. Flavor used and the topping must also fit the season and the location of the event. There are types of cream toppings which are used for warm areas and temperature. This prevents premature melting. If you hire a wedding cake designer or a caterer, make sure to discuss these particulars with them. The size and design of the cake is also dependent on the number of expected guests. A small crowd of close friends and family fits an average wedding cake. A bigger number of guests on the other hand require a larger cake. When you buy wedding cakes and are pondering upon the size of the cake itself, seek assistance. Most bakers, wedding cake designers, and catering services can give you an idea as to which cake size will fit the number of expected guests in your party. For specific measurements, check the bottom layer first. A pan of 6 inches in diameter can serve up to 12 persons while a pan of 8 inches can offer up to 20 slices of cake. All other pan sizes with the approximate serving attached are as follows: 10 inches serves 36 guests, 12 inches serves 46, 14 inches 76, 16 inches serves 92, 18 inches serves 110, and 20 inches serves 200. Aside from sizes of bottom pans, elegant wedding cakes often come in multiple layers. Those on top are often not included in measuring approximate servings and provide only additional design for the cake itself. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: