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Forums Forums are one of the most effective free internet marketing strategies if they are correct. Many people use online forums for different reasons. Especially in Internet marketing forums, they are for advice and answers to their questions. Another reason is the search for new tools, products and marketing concepts that on their website or online business in general. Internet forums are also an excellent resource for contact with other online companies to win-win and profitable joint ventures. Finally, you can use your site in forums in an indirect mode, of course. Using forums can rely on the link from your website, you can use your posts. This is not as easy as it sounds. Users must have a reason to click on your link. One reason could be a useful tip or a resource that you and your reply, for example. On the long run you gain credibility and start to be an expert in your field. But how do you want this goal? First, you must carefully before using the forum with them. Check whether the guidelines, addressing the issues, the level of knowledge and experience to the users. After that the group questions in a given block to the answers. For example: Questions: 1) How can I get my site from theft? 2) Where can I find HTML security software? e.t.c Answers: 1) HTML encryption software 2) Hide your website code. e.t.c. Now is the time to answer. Here you will find answers with search engines, or a recourse you have in the past, or even a "like" e-book had bought. There are many options. Do not forget that you are not to become an issue. Repeat this procedure as often as you want. You can use your responses to forum users in three ways actually. Firstly, by the forum users with a website you have seen that the solution to the problem they have. This is the way less effective, because you keep them away from your primary cause, which is to visit your website using your link. Second is the creation of a Web page to your site, which the answer. For example: This is an excellent way of promotion because it is not a blatant display (They are the people) and on the other side, users visit your website. Third, create a new website exclusively on this issue. For example: In this way is very effective, but you should bear in mind that you have to spend some money, that (Web hosting, domain registration, etc.) and definitely more time. The catch is that with the second and third option allows you to your site, your affiliate programs or even your products, without the forum rules. Of course, one might ask, "Where can I find the forums?" One possibility is using search engines. Write in the search bar "Internet marketing forums" and you have many offers, but you should note that only the most active are worth your attention. Another thing you should take care, as many users and posts in the forum is open every day. If there is only one or two users, then you should also go, although forums indexed by the search engines are important as a link from your site to this forum could mean indexing for your website. If you become a forum always, your name and not any number or code as 22357 etc you want to gain credibility with your name and not with characterless a wrong number or user name. Use your signature in every post office, with your name, 2-3 lines of text (which depends on how many lines of the forum’s administrator, you can use) and, of course, your site URL. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: