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Email-Marketing Bulk email marketing is one of the most effective methods of internet marketing. In this way of marketing you have to follow different tips and tricks to get your expected results. Response of email marketing varies depending on your, focus, strategies, time and selected email contact list. You can start your marketing campaign by following these guidelines; 1.You should build your own email contact list according to the interests of the people. You can obtain email contacts from your website visitors by offering newsletters, software, updates or any other valuable thing. Your friends contact lists are another source to create a custom email contact list. Email address list can be purchased from third parties but it is not sure that they will bring good response. 2.Bulk email marketing campaign is not only a process of sending emails in bulk quantities to a large number of email addresses but you have to identify your readers and their interests. You should prepare a nice plan to reach your potential customers. Response of your marketing campaign will increase as you refine your email contact list according to the interests and requirements of the people. 3.Your email message should be nice, short, to the point and easy to read because readers dont pay attention to long and complex messages. If you are a marketer then you can write your own message other wise you can hire a ghost writer. You should avoid lengthy messages because audience may lose interest in them. 4.In bulk email marketing, timing is very important because whatever message you create if it is sent on wrong time then it will not produce good results. Provide proper delay between more than one email messages to the same email contact list. Dont send email messages on weekends or holidays because people dont read such messages in detail on next working days due to an excessive number of messages in their mail boxes. 5.In the process of bulk email marketing campaign you need to have a deep eye on those messages and lists which worked. If you are unable to get required response then refine your strategies to obtain good results. 6.You should use an attractive subject line for your email message because a reader reads a mail after getting inspired with the subject of the message. There are few words that may attract or distract a reader. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: