Huaan new fortune flexible configuration hybrid securities investment fund fund share offer announce

Huaan new wealth flexible configuration hybrid securities investment fund share sale announcement – Sohu securities (on B29) (3) subscription funds in the fund registration institutions recognized as invalid subscription within 2 working days after the designated to investors designated bank account. (4) investors T filed account application and application, can be T + 1 working days to the company’s direct sales outlets, the company’s customer service center or the company’s Web site to confirm and accept the results of the subscription account. Subscription confirmation results can be found after the establishment of the fund. (two) through the sale of institutional investors outside the company’s sales offices, the establishment of the fund account and subscription procedures in accordance with the provisions of the sales agencies. Six, clearing and delivery of 1, the fund was formally established, all subscription funds will be frozen in the company of the fund raising capital account, subscription funds have raised during the conversion of the fund share interest for investors, investors to share all calculations using four to five homes, reserved to 2 decimal places after that the resulting error is included in the fund. Where the interest in the registration of the record shall prevail, the conversion of interest does not charge subscription fees. 2, during the fund raising to raise funds raised shall be deposited in the account verification, before the end of the fund raising, nobody may use. 3, the fund registered by the fund registration authority (Hua An Fund Management Co) after the completion of the issue. Capital and assets of the fund fund contract seven, effective 1, fund raising period expires, the fund has a fund for the conditions, the fund manager shall, within 10 days from the expiration of the statutory capital verification institution hired from the raising period of the day, within 10 days from the date of receipt of the capital verification report, submitted to the Commission Chinese verification report. Fund records. 2, since the date of confirmation of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the fund filing procedures are completed, the fund contract effective. The fund manager shall make an announcement on the next day after receiving the confirmation documents of the csrc. 3, the fund raising period information disclosure of fees, accounting fees, legal fees and other expenses, shall be paid from the fund property. 4, if the fund failed to raise, the fund manager shall bear due to raise debt with its inherent property and cost, the expiration of the fund raising period within 30 days after the return of the investors have paid the money, plus the bank deposit interest. Eight, this time to raise the relevant parties or intermediaries (a) fund manager name: Address: China Hua An Fund Management Co (Shanghai) Free Trade Zone 8 Century Avenue, No. two, 31 – 32 legal representative: Zhu Xuehua founded: June 4, 1998 Tel: (021) 38969999 Fax: (021) 58406138 contact: Wang Yan customer service hotline: 40088-50099 address: Email: service@huaan (two) fund custodian Name: China Minsheng Banking Corp Ltd. of Beijing city of Xicheng District Fu Xing Dajie 2 office address: Beijing city Xicheng District fuxingmennei Street 2 China相关的主题文章: